German Fantasy

The first fantasy weapons collection, German Fantasy authors, by the brothers Jan & Kai Niens. The first fantasy weapons collection – German Fantasy authors of the brothers Jan & Kai Niens. The Foundation is based on their fantasy novel trilogy. The Druids saga, the legends of Morin. The creators and authors of their world, thus creating the link between fiction and reality.

The complete decoration weapons collection where that detail worked authors from design up to production maturity, their concept studies, shows that the two creative minds far beyond the horizon of the ordinary mainstream look. The peoples and their culture from the novel, were all considered. Among the races of Elves, dwarves, humans, goblins, Zwelfs and even the Druids. So, the Elbenwaffen were made of a convex sword hilt and a straight blade. This symbolizes that the sword handle reflects the nature, round shapes and the blade technologically influenced, artificially straight line runs. All materials and production processes were only made in Germany made and produced. More experienced on the authors website or the distributors

German Literary Society

Now submit the manuscript to the free exam by the editorial office Berlin, February 24, 2010 the German literary society now authors calls to submit their manuscripts to the free exam. Further details can be found at Jim Simons, an internet resource. While today most publishers only on best selling hunting and almost scary follow the mainstream, the German literary society adhering to the tradition of publishing. The aim is clearly already in the articles of Association of German literature and publishing company: purpose of the society is to promote German-language literature and promote new authors. The Publisher is committed to the task, a chance to enter as many authors and good selected books. While paying attention to a selected program: only this will ensure that each book is also the right environment in which it takes the attention of press, bookstores, and readers deserve. Read additional details here: Steven Holl. Succeed in only three or four of the approximately 350 monthly offered manuscripts for publication as a book but many writers today are world famous, were never so far, if they did not take the first step.

For this reason, the German literary society dealt intensively with each submitted manuscript. Take advantage of your opportunity and send your manuscript to the German literary society of the Editorial Office of Europa-Center D-10789 Berlin you have also the possibility to send your manuscript by E-mail. you receive a few days an acknowledgement of receipt, so you know that your manuscript has been received well. Until a final decision, it takes 2-3 weeks.

Horror Authors

Stephen King the unusual career of the 62 American travel writer Stephen King with more than 400 million books sold is considered one of the most successful authors of all time. In over 40 novels and more than 100 short stories, King shocks his readers with horror that hides behind the everyday lives of average people. In his horror stories, this horror in the seemingly ideal world is collapsing. Kings vectors of such scary messages are mostly clowns, simple shop owners or guardians of public order, an unknown which at first glance, that will break out soon the evil from them. Sometimes, Stephen Kings lives horror even in cars or lawnmowers.

Success began in the caravan of the published in 1974 and two years later filmed Roman Carrie of Satan’s daughter”, the King in a rented trailer wrote, was the starting point for its commercial success. Here, King threw the still unfinished manuscript from lack of conviction in the trash can. His wife fished there and persuaded her husband, the book to finish. Fortunately. King, belonging to as guitarist for a rock band still occurring, consists entirely of writers, published some works under various pseudonyms such as Richard Bachman and John Swithen. “” “” “Kings best known books include shining” (starring Jack Nicholson), it “, stand by me the secret of summer”, pet of Sematary”the lawnmower man”and The Green Mile”. The alcoholics back into the limelight of the first great success caressed by spinning the author from the mid-1980s in the alcohol addiction and also strongly attacked in the cocaine can.

With the help of his wife Tabitha and therapy, he managed the way back into the literary spotlight. in 1991, a fan but collapsed in his house in Maine and eight years later Stephen King was walking at the edge of the road from the car of a drunken driver captured and severely injured. He was in hospital for three weeks, was a local newspaper even declared dead. What followed, King was typical. He processed what happened in a novel (Dreamcatcher”), bought the car accident he destroyed on the anniversary of his accident. The unlucky driver Bryan Smith way, died in 2000 at the age of 43, on Kings birthday. As the horror King himself would have staged it. King caused in the Internet Stephen King on the Internet excitement, as he in the year 2000 his short story riding the bullet”for downloading on the Internet was (” 2004 filmed with us under the title coaster “known). More than 700,000 users clicked on the story. And early 2009 Kings short story was ur “among the audience. But only as E-books through Amazon.

New Edition Of

The captivating love story plays Aschaffenburg in Bamberg. In Sandra McKee’s Roman life, choosing”escapes the Hallstadterin their daily routine as a housewife and mother Winter of Theresa, as they travel to Dublin without their family. There she meets the free spirit and life artist Ian Cordes, making her life takes an unexpected turn. Hall city was ideal as my protagonist. The city has many parallels to my own place of birth. Ranging from the proximity to a major city, so Bamberg, the rural character. I wanted to let Theresa just come from a similar environment like the one in which I myself live”, tells the native Fassihi, published under the pseudonym of Sandra McKee due to her love of the Emerald Isle.

The life that you choose”combines the love story of the therapist from town hall and the Irish musician with a fascinating travelogue on Ireland. My novel is about the choices we make, and the resulting consequences. From the eternal dilemma that we often covet what we just can’t have. It’s about figuring out who we are and who we want to be. But mainly it’s about love,”explains the author.

An exciting read, not only for Swiss francs, but for all the fans of Nicolas sparks and Cecelia Ahern. The life that you choose”is available shortly in a second edition. 264 Pages, telescope-Verlag. Sandra McKee is a writer from the Unterfranken Aschaffenburg, with the life one chooses” was a promising debut. Together with her husband and three sons shared, she lives in a village near the city of Frankfurt.