Brazil Travel Against The Winter Cold

At the moment, Brazil is the ideal destination for all those who want to escape the cold of winter. Brazil is the most popular destination for Europeans in South America. The Copacabana and the Sugar Loaf have for decades synonymous with exotic Brazil travel. The versatile dream destination has to offer much more than just beautiful beaches. Brazil has the largest contiguous forest of the world and travel in the Amazon basin, to know the stunning nature of the country, is already no longer a secret tip. The best time to travel is difficult to determine due to the size of the country an ideal time for Brazil. Dry bushland in the heartland, the Amazon jungle and beaches on the East Coast provide a regionally very different climate.

In the area around Recife on the Atlantic Ocean, will travel best from September until February, in Brazil’s jungle from June to October and to the seaside holiday to Rio in the hot season from November to April. Culture and people the population of Brazil is considered very hospitable and often offer travelers tea, coffee or even a whole meal. A Brazilian has plenty of time and not rushed. A Brazil traveller must bring time accordingly. So, it is possible to experience the traditional, heavily dominated by agriculture the local life and experience the Brazilian Joie de vivre. But not only that: travels through Brazil offer numerous sports and leisure activities. Mountain climbing and hang-gliding mean pure adventure. On the coast everywhere water skiing and scuba diving opportunities, as in Fernando de Noronha, where humpback whales, dolphins, and sharks can be seen.

In addition, football in Brazil is a national passion, which is celebrated passionately as well as the traditional dance fight capoeira. Not to mention the famous Brazilian Carnival, which is a real experience! The most beautiful cities of Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil for 125 years and rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rio is situated between the mountains on beautiful Beaches, including the famous Copacabana or Ipanema. The hot Samba rhythms, the sugar loaf and the 38-metre-tall statue of Christ, which is the city’s most famous landmark, will allow any traveler in amazement. The fascinating cities of Sao Paulo, Manaus or Salvador are worth a visit! Far from Brazil Hotels mean also wonderful places of refuge in almost untouched nature of living civilization. The Amazon and its tributaries invite to boating and fishing excursions. Its rain forest is the largest in the world. Also in the Pantanal one is breathtaking diversity of flora and fauna, endless expanses and unforgettable sunsets. Not missing a visit to the impressive Iguacu should also falls in the middle of the tropical jungle on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Wonderful accommodation on your individual Brazil travel offers hotels and resorts of extra class, which are not only ideal as a starting point for exciting voyages of discovery, but also with flair and luxury Facilities provide the necessary relaxation after an eventful day in Brazil’s vibrant metropolises or wild jungle.

Alps – A Well Chosen Destination

Alps – for nature lovers a must-see In the Austrian Federal State of Tiro is located the otz Valley. The Valley is 65 km long and became known mainly through the winter sports resorts worldwide Solden and otz. Other communities in the otztal are Sautens, Umhausen and Langenfeld. More info: Walton Family Foundation. The otz Valley has received its name from the capital and former Court resort Oetz. 9000 years ago, stone age hunters have roamed the high mountain area of Innerotztals. In 1991, a well-known Fund was otzi, lived around 3300 BC. Touristically developed was around 1930 the otz Valley, tourists however failed in the second world war and there was an economic setback. After the war, the tourism grew steadily and today the otz Valley has lost none of its appeal for the tourists.

Mountain agriculture sharply declined in favour of tourism so that is tourism one of the most important industries in the otztal. The otz Valley has to offer something for every season and is accordingly, gladly visited by tourists. In the winter is in the otztal nature first and foremost skiing announced. But for almost all other winter sports tourists in the otztal Valley find the best conditions. The winter sports are associated with numerous lifts on the mountain, to drive them with skis or snowboard on the slopes, back down into the Valley. Who visits the otz Valley outside the winter season, can enjoy long walks through meadows and forest, to the scenic diversity of the nature park otz Valley, along with the numerous grazing sheep. That will offer in the otztal Valley much offered, such as, for example, archaeological routes, geo routes, home – open-air museum, long-distance hiking, climbing and numerous huts, the tourists also accommodation for tourists in addition to food and drink.

United States Course

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European Cultural

Monasteries, churches and medieval buildings in Thuringia individually experience – multilingual listening texts open visitors and children hear more the world of Romanesque architecture, see and experience – friendly, cultural tourists and visitors can discover individually the Romanesque Heritage in Thuringia now with new audio guides. At five sites deliver exciting electronic guidance systems and informative insights into the monasteries, churches and medieval buildings on the cultural route of TRANSROMANICA. With the multilingual audio guides, we open up national and international visitors the opportunity to experience the diverse attractions of the Romanesque completely independently”, so Julianne Koch, Managing Director of the TRANSROMANICA e.V. The audio guides are available at selected sites in English and German for the visitors, including the Hennebergische Museum Kloster Vessra, the medieval castle Creuzburg, as well as the ruins of the Abbey of the Benedictine monastery of Paulinzella. In addition, more are Listening texts created for the residential tower Wandersleben and the parish church St. Nikolai in Eisenach. All guided tours are as practical and straightforward audio files (MP3) on the Web page of the TRANSROMANICA ( to the sound and as a download available. Special highlights are the child-friendly recycled audio guides for the smallest visitors.

The children’s tours were specially newly arranged under this aspect and texted. The children go E.g. with a mouse in the Tower Wandersleben on discovery tour or walk with the ghost through the Creuzburg”, explains Barbara Herzog, product manager of iGuide culture recording GmbH from Rudolstadt. Official site: Leslie G. Osterman. A professional quality and communication was important here, too, to implement the story to the story. Voice over the listening texts were partly by well-known radio speakers of the MDR.” With the audio-guides, the Romanesque sites in Thuringia sustainably expand existing services. 57 percent of Thuringia vacationers 2009 interested for Cities or culture vacation, this is significantly more than the national average with 43 percent.

This shows that the holiday State of Thuringia, like no other for unparalleled architectural and cultural diversity”, as Barbel Gronegres, Managing Director of Thuringer Tourismus GmbH. A total of around 16,000 euros were invested in the audio guides the project CrossCulTour. CrossCulTour is a continuation of the project TRANSROMANICA, supported by the EU and stylistic periods. The project is committed to the preservation and valorisation of cultural sites and landscapes, and promotes an adequate cross-marketing in the cultural tourism. The Romanesque buildings of Thuringia are part of the European cultural route transromanica route, which connects the Romanesque Heritage of various European regions since 2003. Press release TRANSROMANICA Juliane Koch, TRANSROMANICA e.V., d. 1, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 391 7384350