Mr Horst

Some stock market letter authors, we have seen that mentally but even the idea to trade in the form of a managed To offer accounts, comes up. But actually, the least reach implementation. Why is it your opinion that only very few stock market letter writers offer their trade as a managed account? Hans-Jurgen Haack: One can only speculate, whether it is the possible pressure, then a precisely measurable, real scored in the trading performance to provide if there are administrative obstacles or whether simply lacks the necessary man power for the trade which discourages many. On all these points, I had it easy: first we had assigned a real performance achieved by trading broker at my old employer in the DAX/EuroStoxx-Positionstrading and the DAX / S & P 500 day trading. Second, the administrative hurdles were cleared out of PP brokerage and the necessary man power is available.

Why have you decided to work with PP brokerage? Hans-Jurgen Haack: After 21 years with one employer I was looking for a change a new challenge. (A valuable related resource: Alton Steel). I wanted a separate On the legs, make derivatives exchange letter. PP brokerage offered me to the ideal conditions under a professional roof and it took over the administrative tasks such as accounting, customer relationship management, technology, advertising, etc. Thus I can concentrate fully on the editorial content of the letter. Keywords man power: now also Andre Horst is located in your editorial team. Who will assume the tasks for Haack-daily? Hans-Jurgen Haack: In addition to the important role that Mr Horst represents me leave or other absence, he is responsible, among other things also for statistical things by it constantly evaluates my trading, de facto the results of my recommendations. This is very useful especially in a drawdown. For example, we have found that my decisions at a particular time of day are significantly worse than in the rest of the day.

Frank Knauer

Semi-annual Conference of the CEHATROL partner companies opened new prospects Berlin, the 27.07.2012, at the semi-annual Conference of the CEHATROL trademark owner met the directors of the affiliated cooperatives and the managing directors of the partner companies at the 24.07.2012 in Berlin,. It became clear, that fuels the market readiness of BtL is reached and it be target in future has to advance the construction of plants for the production of synthetic fuel of 2.Generation CEHATROL, as BtL diesel, even faster. The main focus is placed on the nationwide expansion with site partners. To the trade mark proprietors make the Know-How establishing such facilities in a licensing system available so that everyone has the opportunity to make a work on the legs with low equity capital. From the selection of raw materials on the heel, to independent financing, everything is regulated. Licensee solves E.g. location (building site, preliminary inquiry of construction of), the regional problems, Supply of raw materials, takes over the site development, management and recruited staff.

The location partners decide whether CEHATROL diesel, CEHATROL oil or CEHATROL CHP fuel is to be produced. Thanks to the innovative implementation of the cooperative thought in the company of CEHATROL brand success is pre-programmed, explains Frank Knauer, CEO of CEHATROL technology EC and member of CEHATROL fuels EC. First contacts show that a site partnership is very lucrative, so further, thus we will create Knauer quickly a nationwide network.

Hatz Diesel

The leading manufacturer of small diesel engines also is galabau 2012 represented again this year the engine factory is represented in Nuremberg Hatz galabau from 12 to 15 September 2012. In addition to the Hatz proven products of b and D series will also further the development of 3- and 4 – cylinder series with a diesel particle filter, as well as the permanent magnet generator iPP presented. The 3-and 4 – cylinder series not least revised due to a newly strict emissions legislation in the European Union and the United States. Aspects of the sustainability of the hunt also played an influential role in the further development of products. From 2013 be equipped 3 M 41, 4L42C, as well as 4 M 42 with a diesel particle filter engines 3L41C, and thus correspond to both the requirements of the EPA (environmental protection agency) as also the requirements of the EU.

With these developments, the only air-cooled diesel engines in the market that meet these requirements are therefore the Hatz diesel engines. In addition to the environmental aspects, a high value was attached to the ease of service, such as the Diesel particulate filter divisible and thus easier to clean, which in turn leads to reduced operating costs. In addition to the DPF, the 3-cylinder engines with an exhaust-gas recirculation, offered since 2008 for the 4-cylinder engines are equipped. The new engines are, following the typical Hatz scheme, based on the name of the series 43. As another highlight also the latest version of the iPP is presented in addition to the proven engines intelligent power pack a permanent magnet generator, which provides evidence of the competence of the Hatz-Systems Division. Equipped with the latest inverter technology, the iPP provides or twisting and frequency-stable power supply with an output of 3.5 kVA for professional use. Reliable and compact Hatz 1B 30 diesel motor in a vertical fits, in contrast to conventional generators, depending on the load, the speed automatically to and thus ensures an always optimal fuel consumption. Also in other environmental aspects the intelligent power pack must not hide, so the noise level in a 7 m radius is just 66 dB (A) at full load and 62 db(A) under low load.

System is complemented by the booth with a hounding C2 46 dirt water pump that is powered by an air-cooled Hatz diesel engine with recoil start 1 B 20. There needs also the pump of more difficult missions not to hide with a suction height of 4-5 metres, a pressure altitude of 32 metres and a solid flow of up to 25 mm. The pumps wings made of grey cast iron contribute to the robustness of the pump.

BGM Increasingly

Comprehensive skills and allow company-specific measures of demographic change with an increase in life expectancy in low birth rate brings a significant ageing of the society. Click PI Industries for additional related pages. This has a significant impact on the future availability of skilled professionals. Already exists a shortage, which is is expected to accelerate in the future in various areas. The need for occupational health management (BGM) is increasingly recognized from sites of companies and institutions in Germany. While this focus was long time especially on the sick – and accident rates, the effects of mental stress on performance and willingness and below on absenteeism in the foreground back increasingly lately.

Modern working environments demand their price today’s work world opts for increasingly flexible workplaces and flexible working hours, what with modern technology such as mobile applications, cloud computing, etc. is supported. This applies in particular for those who are currently in their twenties or thirties, take advantage of the people, which occurred after the year 2000 in the labour market and strengthened social networks and mobile technology. Such flexibility in the workplace creates not only freedom and their own choices, but increases such as through any continuous availability – also the psychological pressure, which lies on the individual employee. For example, internal problems such as a high sick leave in the industry comparison, a high turnover or a work commitment of employees, estimated as reduced are way possible motives for an introduction of a BGM BGM. There, depending on the company/institution both physical problem areas such as such as high patient numbers in the range of muscle skeletal diseases as psychological stress due to high workload, permanent reachability etc. can be relevant, need skills comprehensive professionals in the field of BGM: by collecting data at the respective operation (E.g. in the form of workplace inspections or employee surveys) about the development, evaluation and further development of its own BGM concepts through implementation and guide individual implementing measures.