Social Media Money

Easily find a job in the Internet on Facebook, XING and LinkedIn in the social media on Facebook, you can find today quite easily and quickly the greatest jobs XING and linked. You must lie only a good strategy right, make known their talents, and positioning themselves as an expert. Yorkville Advisors shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. On LinkedIn, XING show career, and also on Facebook you can represent your CV so as you wish, that your prospective employer sees. For assistance, try visiting Renaissance Technologies. Also as an employee, it is possible to get testimonials for your performance. Think not always only on the testimony of their former employers. Customers and business partners for your company, in which you are currently working, can make recommendations for you on LinkedIn. ibute to your knowledge.

Best ask actively. There is nothing, the supplier, the daily call for your boss, writes on LinkedIn, that they are very friendly and totally reliable. Suppliers want something from you, and will often already be. But customers, if you are working in the customer service, can write how great your service was. For me as an employer, this is interesting. I want to make love to the friendly seller me who has made countless business contacts, which he can use for my company. I’m a staff for selling or purchasing, who today in the Internet in social media is not present and has no contacts and maintains, not.

What should I do with the? With which I can make no money. Find the job that is easy, of course, if one has already built up a matching its reputation in the social media. Then simply contact the relevant contacts and inform about your desire to change. But never on the Bulletin Board, it reads your boss. But what do you do if you haven’t done anything yet or are not finished with the school? Quite simply, you ask friends all your Facebook, LinkedIn and XING, if you know a job.


Ernst & young, PWC, Deloitte, UBS, Baker McKenzie partner bererits by next Friday, November 14, 2008, is the next – Swiss Law Forum, the professional and career fair for students of in law and economic sciences of all universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries instead. The Swiss Law Forum positions itself with partners such as Ernst & young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, UBS, Baker McKenzie, CMS von Erlach Henrici and other well-known companies on the tip of the career portals for legal and economic scholars. Next was founded by Daniel Bernard de Roos to create a year-round international platform for the elite agency in Central Europe. Companies, firms and organizations from all sectors present at the next – Swiss Law Forum career fair as an interesting employer. In a one-day event can students and graduates make top contacts with HR managers of leading companies, firms and institutions, lots of expertise to collect the topics career choice, career guidance and career, their subsequent education claim define and plan their future careers. With the next – Swiss Law Forum offered the unique opportunity the company as well as the students of the faculties of law and economics, get to know each other better. During corporate presentations, trade fair, and interviews, the companies have the opportunity to present themselves individually and directly with the students to contact.

Exactly matched to these needs, next developed an online platform for the CVS of students and graduates to collected to present the companies. The company can send system call dates and events already directly from the selected students. Steven Holl has much experience in this field. The next – Swiss Law Forum is aimed at students and graduates of all law and economics faculties. Here, Walton Family Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Participation is free and the travel costs are largely from the Swiss border and the Switzerland after prior registration under taken. The trade fair itself takes place in the historic rooms of the University of Lucerne, in the former Hotel Union and offers the best opportunity to seek the immediate and easy contact with a maximum number of company representatives.

No elaborate application, no knowledge and skills provided, to ask the right questions to the right people. So, students with less good grades can call attention and interest among potential employers through personal commitment and occurrence. The Swiss Law Forum allows students from the anonymity emerge and become interesting candidates. During the company presentations taking place parallel to the trade fair next allows more of the participating companies to learn. In a 45-minute presentation, company present the graduates and interested students and give insights their working methods, objectives and strategies. In addition the conveyed, on what qualifications and skills Place value companies. Finds at the end of each presentation of the next – Swiss Law Forum of organised reception will be held, where the participants can come with high-profile companies representatives to talk and can create soft for an internship or even a position. During the presentations and the fair many interesting new contacts. Far away from the public events allow for a personal interview the interview rooms. In a personal conversation, the CV is color and the parties can feel each other out. Companies and graduates can date database to the interview directly at the show or in advance of the next. Often these meetings in an internship or even a permanent lead. Next – Swiss Law Forum press contact: Philipp Schwarz CBO T + 41 76 250 38 66 next – managing partner: Daniel Bernard de Roos, M.A. HSG CEO. T + 41 76 429 58 30 of hirschengraben 43, p.o. box 7459 CH-6000 Lucerne

How Does The Wind Into The Socket?

“Electrical systems of wind turbines” at the Haus der Technik Germany stand nearly 20,000 wind turbines (WTS) with a potential of approximately 400 billion kWh and the growth trend continue 1. But how does the use of wind energy in individual wind Turbines and wind farms? What challenges are to solve for the power supply? How interlocks the complex interplay of generator, power electronics and control? The Symposium “Electrical systems of wind turbines” in Essen Haus der Technik treated these and many more questions. Under the direction of Prof. Learn more at: Christiano Ronaldo. Dr.-ing. Detlef Schulz of the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg is illuminated the overall understanding of the electrical system in many facets: different generator types and modes of operation, function and effects of frequency converters, power control, typical damage during the operation of wind Turbines as well as the legal framework of the network connection policy and network integration. Provides a basic overview of the Symposium on 26 and 27 January 2008 in Essen the wind energy technology in theory and practice and is recommended for Brancheneinsteiger, as well as employees with appropriate electrical qualifications of suppliers, insurance companies, banks and investors.. People such as Steven Holl would likely agree.