Golden Globes Film

Glory-movie remake of Alan Parker’s Fame (film, 1980) was awarded two “Oscar” prizes and became an instant cult classic. Freepoint Commodities spoke with conviction. Following the film came out on Broadway musicals Fame, in a hurry last throughout the world. Libretto musicals there Spanish, French and nemetskom.Bolee four million people watched the musical Fame, since its premiere in London in 1995, where the show went on for 12 years. Based on the movie was filmed tv series Fame, he became a worldwide hit and Shown at the most popular tv channels (NBC in the U.S., bbc in Britain and the Channel 7 in Australia). 136 episodes aired for five seasons from 1982 to 1987 Series Fame was honored with three awards the Golden Globes and nine awards Emmy. The very plot of the film Glory is that talented young people – future actors, musicians, directors and singers come to the prestigious New York School of Music and acting in New York.

Earlier in the walls school students: Liza Minnelli, Adrien Brody, Jennifer Aniston, Al Pacino and other .Film Traces their lives for four years, during which they are trained. In this remarkable institution, Students of different professions have the opportunity to realize his dream and find real glory – depending on their own talent, dedication and .Glavnye movie characters – an aspiring singer Coco Hernandez future actor Montgomery MacNeil and Ralph Garcia, a dancer Leroy Johnson and musician Bruno Martelli.Originalny film Fame (1980) Alan Parker received six nominations and two Oscar. Directed by Kevin Tancharoen – world well-known choreographer and director. Had time to work with Madonna, Britney Spears.

Guitar Adjuster

Setting up a guitar – something very important for any guitarist, regardless of the level of his game. Properly tune a guitar – it's not hard when you know how and difficult when you are just starting to learn a musical instrument. I propose to deal with so, in what sequence should learn the basic ways to customize the guitar. So, first the beginner must learn the standard way. Tuning your guitar is a standard way compare the height of a single string, such as the first, with a high standard of playing, the others are set on it. This method is very important for the beginner, as it allows to develop a good ear and train equipment settings.

When mastered the first way – you can proceed to the second. The second method I call tuning guitar tuner, for tuning fork or spirits. In this case, all just to horrible: the pitch of each string is compared with the standard visually (tuner) or by ear (tuning fork). Customize your guitar in this way can be much simpler, more accurate and faster. Hearing at this time must be sufficiently developed. And finally, the most interesting way is to – by setting the guitar flageolets.

There need to be able to take the natural harmonics on the fifth, fourth and seventh frets. Usually resort to this method are more experienced guitarists who already have sufficient experience to communicate with musical instrument. Guitar Adjuster who enjoys such a way that is able to achieve very high accuracy. In my opinion, following these simple rules, a novice musician can quickly learn good tune their precious musical instrument is very, very high quality. This ability would allow a musician performing his delight not only themselves but also others, filling their souls the beauty of music. A properly configured tool will generate a correct ear for music from a guitarist, at the same time as badly tuned guitar can mess up this rumor at the stage of formation.

YouTube Music

So the first tutorial is about how to make music on Youtube. There are already many existing videos out there (the majority of which are, ironically, on Youtube) but we are focusing here on high quality videos for the beginner.

We split this up into four main categories:  lyric composing; the audio (and video) equipment you will require; editing and then release.

Before we get into that though, it is important beginners understand the following:  the different styles of Youtube music recordings.  These are: 

1.     Webcam

2.     Audio video recording (separately)

3.     Fully professional (in a studio)

For our purposes on this blog, we will teach you about the first two exclusively.  We also advise getting a group together with different talents:  one on writing, one on audio equipment purchasing and one on editing. It just makes more sense that way.