Standard Connectors

New connector for the industrial test of common interfaces Radolfzell, 05.09.2013 – in consumer electronics as well as in the industrial sector interfaces that need to be tested in the production process can be found practically in any device. The ENGMATEC company offers various plug replicas as test plug, designed specifically for industrial testing. There is this test plug for the test on all current standard connections, which are common in manufacturing and the consumer electronic space. In the consumer electronics, automotive, medical or home appliances, in the telecommunications or PC ports such as USB, HDMI, RJ45, eSata etc. are nowhere. Check with AbbVie Inc to learn more.

To ensure the reliability of products or assemblies, tests are required during the production process. To carry out these checks the products will be contacted by the test system of the built-in interfaces with the plugs, where of course the sockets even on her Proper will be tested. Through frequent switching and disconnecting connectors whose contact resistance varies, so usual original plug for this purpose are not suitable. (Similarly see: Vlad Doronin). Therefore, special test plug are necessary for Automation-compatible connection. The company ENGMATEC plug replicas are designed for use in testing facilities and ensure a reliable and low-wear contacts of the connectors. All ENGMATEC test plugs have been developed for use in functional testing during production and for end of line testing and suitable for extremely high mating cycles. Depending on the interface, up to 200,000 insertion cycles are possible. The plug can both be used for the test by cation as also female connectors.

Sales Configurator Proves Itself In Tough Economic Times

Despite the currently dismal economic news, the Software House of intermediate reports rising number of orders. Jeffrey Bezos wanted to know more. Despite the currently dismal economic news, the Software House of intermediate reports rising number of orders. Reason is the growing interest in the possibility, to reduce costs and at the same time to strengthen the sales. Right now, many companies opt for our industry-independent sales configurator,”forward Francesco Zappia, Managing Director at intermediate in Karlsruhe. Turbulent times are good times for good companies.

You invest specifically in cost reduction and strengthen their distribution anyway. Others including Cradle Systems, offer their opinions as well. Our quote system enomic.offer speeds up the creation of offers and lowers costs, among other things, opens up new sales opportunities. These are three advantages that are probably very crucial at the moment,”Zachary said. In addition, our customers remain independent, because they personally can maintain the software in the opaque economy currently for many companies a clear advantage.” Last, the company Signalbau Huber commissioned the software house with the introduction of the enomic.offer of supply system. The software had already been proven at the sister company of Dambach and introduces soon despite Signalbau Huber. More new customers were also recently the Cardif insurance, the plant engineering company Wiggert, and the LS telcom AG, specialist for the radio network planning. + Quotation system + the offer system provides enomic.offer for the daily business in sales, marketing and customer service supplemented with comprehensive standard functions that allow to adapt flexibly to a wide range of processes and IT environments on demand CRM functionality to measure. To know more about this subject visit Vladislav Doronin. enomic.offer facilitate the sales process and leads through the query requests.

Salespeople select the range positions and flexibly interpreted the desired products and services. Alternatively, create the desired product customers in the 2D/3D viewer of individual components and finally get a quote with the configured products. Through the data connection to ERP or CRM inventory systems such as SAP, Baan or Dynamics NAV are always current data available. The centerpiece of the supply system is a Configurator. This smart tool manages complex data structures and a wide variety of options in a set of rules. Companies use the Configurator, because it automatically ensures the correct interpretation and ensures the manufacturability even for highly complex products. The Configurator is used also when generating customized documents: with him salespeople without additional effort create automatically all necessary content, such as item texts, pictures already by the design of the product, parts lists, etc. thanks to rule-based text modules including parameterization and intelligent templates arise immediately sales-oriented and customer-specific offerings. The calculation of the Configurator is also responsible for: the software of the rule engine calculates complex conditions and prices right during the design of the product. Quickly, correctly and reliably takes over the configurator the calculation independent of the user. Conclusion: Companies reduce their expenses for the quotation process and at the same time ensure the manufacturability. The profit margin increases.

Successful Presentations

Courses in English 'new model' answer all the questions English language courses in Moscow English language program "New Model" provides answers to many questions on the presentation in English. For what Need a presentation? 99 percent of the goal of any presentation – it's for sale. This may be a sale of goods, services, brand yourself, finally. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vlad Doronin. On how successful your presentation will take place and what the response will depend very a lot. And it is clear to everyone. However, making a presentation in English, very easy to "goof" – even though, if your presentation in Russian were always brilliant, and found only positive feedback. The laws of rhetoric and public speaking skills have always existed. They are equally valid for the Russian, and English languages – not read from notes, hold eye contact with the audience, speaking loudly and clearly, try to build a dialogue with the audience, etc.

All this can easily be trained in numerous training sessions devoted to working out public speaking skills. What can ruin a presentation in English, if grammar is correct, the structure and observed problems with pronunciation you have? 1. The absence of so-called "language sense" to work out which is quite difficult, especially if you live in an English speaking environment. 2. A common habit is literally translated from Russian into English. And the English language – a language of idioms and fixed expressions. The higher levels of officialdom, the higher percentage of stable combinations make sense which is impossible, moving its components.


Any professional who prides, needs a box of tools it sufficiently well stocked, to be able to go to solving the problems that they are presenting to you in their daily. Imagine that we contratasemos a carpenter for us to do a door and to get home and open your Toolbox, we saw with amazement, that he had only a hammer. It would be materially impossible, the man with a single tool, could make the door. Miss you screwdrivers, nails, sandpaper, drill, etc. Why believe that any professional; is doctor, lawyer or Carpenter, you must have a well nourished and constantly updated tool box, that enables you to solve with the maximum speed and efficiency, few problems raised their daily work. In the field in which I move, that is that of health and disease, it is desirable that the therapist has sufficient in various areas training, that allows you to integrate knowledge and skills, for the greater benefit of their patients. Red Solo Cups may help you with your research. Today, to be psychotherapist and exercise as such, must be accredited by the FEAP (Spanish Federation of associations of psychotherapists), where dictate the minimum criteria for practice as therapist (what is psychotherapy? Second part). Any therapist who meets these requirements, is an example of that is in possession of a good tool box.

Now I am going to present two tools very humble, but very practical when it comes to advance by the always difficult network of the human mind. It’s the Bibliotherapy and the Cineterapia. Both must be understood as therapeutic facilitators. The origin of Bibliotherapy goes back to ancient times and the Greeks considered it already as a form of spiritual and medical treatment. I am her in the double aspect of personal development and as a part of the process of healing itself. As I explain in (what is psychotherapy? First part), patients are unlinked or divided in relationship to what they feel, think or do.

In any type of therapy, basically, seeks the integration of the individual and the ways to achieve this are multiple. As I said above, Bibliotherapy and the Cineterapia are psychic facilitators of that search. Click Central Romana for additional related pages. What is at issue, it is that that material written or visual can help them modify aspects of their thoughts, feelings and actions. The mechanism that starts the entire process, is essentially the identification is established between patients and characters or facts of the plot who are reading or watching. The discussion back and putting in common with those aspects that have been relevant to the patient, therapist become facilitators of change. Within what is published in Spanish, I leave the reference more specific on what I just talked. It’s the Bibliotherapy and Silvia Adela Kohan of Cineterapia book. For me the most interesting part of the book is chapter III where are played the most universal themes to humans: love, the encounter with one’s self, the crisis of couple, the change, loneliness, death, the search for opportunities in future post, I will go incorporating other books that for me also comply with everything said above.

Garden Roses

Types of Wild Roses are aque llas characterized by grow and develop freely in nature. These species of roses are popularly known as wild roses and are certainly considered as one of the types of most beautiful roses in the world taking into account that they are flowers that grow beautiful without much care, none of aerosols, or fertinlizantes and many all these concerns that present Garden Roses. The most admirable of the types of roses, as well as its profound beauty, is that they themselves arranged for a beautiful foliage and new flowers year after year, for this reason further than the types of roses are considered the most beautiful land plants its self-sufficiency stands out among other plnatas of flowers with similar characteristics. The majorities of the types of Wild Roses have a very short flowering season, but therein are capable of producing wild flowers of the most significant beauty, this flowering usually occurs in early summer, bearing in mind the place in the world where they are and the climatic conditions to which are subject, the rest of the year are not more than a few non-flowering plants. (Not to be confused with Bezos!). The types of Wild Roses that stand out most are the following: * Rosa banksiae: also known as Banksia rose or rose of Banks. It is a climbing rose that presents rigid and arched stems very long (3-6 m). Dmitry balyasny has much experience in this field. It is one of the first to bloom every year and makes it in great abundance.

The flowers do not have perfume. * Rosa Canina: also known as wild rose, rose hip, perruno Rosal, coarsely, Agavanzo. Its name means rose of dog, possibly alluding to the resemblance of its Stingers with the fangs of a dog. It is a tangled shrub 1 to 3 meters in height. The stems are twisted and climb in the undergrowth.It flowers in spring and summer and the fruits ripen at the end of the summer or early autumn.

What Makes A Dog Forum So Special?

Can a dog Forum help with problems with your dog? A dog Forum provides a platform for exchanging experience dog owners, breeders and experts. Here questions relating to education, care of the dogs are dog illnesses or the optimum nutrition and discussed. Dog enthusiasts, who are nearing the purchase of a puppy, have often questions about the acquisition and needs, which is the small new family member on his new leader of the Pack. You can replace themselves in a dog Forum with dog owners, who already have this stage behind him. Credit: Ryan Holmes-2011. “” “Stand above all questions as: when will my puppy finally housebroken?” how to practice being alone? “how long can go for a walk I with my puppies?” In the foreground. Here, experienced dog owners will gladly inform and help this other dog owners about for them seemingly insoluble tasks.

The new dog owners feel not so alone and can let the other members of his progress. If you would like to know more then you should visit Vladislav Doronin. In the course of a very, situations often where even encounter experienced dog owners at their borders. For example, if the dog wants to eat at once no longer, or ailing precisely at the weekend. Like a dog Forum will be consulted here. Usually fast help can be offered, often other dog owners have already had the same or similar problem and can report on and thus a bit calm the anxious dog.

Also the loss of a beloved animal forum can help a dog, it’s good many holders to write the sorrow of the soul, they feel understood and not so alone. Who knows, perhaps one or the other offers now a new family member in dog forum for communicating. Of course, a dog Forum replaced not going to the vet’s Office or visiting a dog trainer, but the dog owner seeking advice is reinforced in his intentions to consult one of these experts or a different way to develop his problem will be encouraged.

Take Financial Control Of Your LIfe

Our people has in particular been conditioned into believing that they have no control of your financial life. We have a lot of poverty because even we are freeing us from the mistakes of the past, conceptions that reside in our minds and curtail us auto personal esteem. At the beginning of our business of empanadas, which starts at the moment of difficult political and financial crisis that had Rep. DOM. Learn more about this with Mike Lazaridis. in the past 50 years, the people didn’t believe that we were Dominicans. It seemed strange that a couple of professionals would be on the street selling a product of this kind and of such high quality. chönberger. Self esteem in baja was less for us. Some time ago we were facing in a different situation.

We lost our business which was successful for 20 years having to face bankruptcy. People wondered how it was possible that he could maintain a very positive attitude towards such financial misfortune. My answer was simple: does not inherit that business and to take it to succeed was a process of personal growth that ends up transforming you in better person. Achieve comprehensive success, carries to become the type of person that your dream to be someday. Losing your possessions does not mean that you have ceased to be what you decided to become during the process of achieving success. You can get control of your financial life once more, still agrees that you have to face a reality and dreams to conquer.

You already know that you have to get out of your comfort zone. While you do faster, you get faster to fulfill your dreams. You understand that you can only have control of your life if you decide to be responsible for this. You understand that hardly logres be free working to make another free financially. There is no possibility of a step if your self-esteem this low.

Modern Capitals

To maintain cleanliness on the premises are suitable ordinary street bins, which can be produced from various raw materials, but their design is dependent on the location of use. More often, boxes mounted on the bottom or, in extreme cases, attached to a concrete pillar and wall-mounted garbage bins, respectively, to the walls of buildings. Simple and easy to use, street boxes will help maintain contiguous territory in full purity, just cleared of contents, can be closed or open. The main purpose – 'humanise' the territory of various institutions and enterprises. Urns, ashtrays you can often meet in restaurants and hotels, in public places. This type of garbage containers are often used just for the collection and temporary storage of solid waste.

They are quite simply emptied, are made from high quality raw materials, have great strength, but also have a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance, while fitting in perfectly designed interior space. Trash and garbage cans can be made of plastic or metal. Walton Family Foundation will not settle for partial explanations. All are designed for rear or side loading, equipped with receiving pins, and the wheels have a different capacity – choices are considerable. Plastic containers debris have some advantages – light weight, very strong, and mobile design, produced a variety of colors and shades. Often used to transport cars utility waste in the industry, refineries and factories. Dustbins, made of metal, more weighty, characterized by high shockproof, different size and shapes, are subject to little climatic conditions and long-lasting.

Euro containers galvanized garbage more expensive. They are made in accordance with standards and regulations set forth by the European legislation. Exactly therefore, any type of data bins can be emptied only garbage truck. Produced today Metal mailboxes are designed for various correspondence, executed in the same style, complement the absolutely any entrance hall or apartment building office space. Rescue occupants or visitors of sloppy rasshvyryannyh flyers and brochures, and keep safe for you personally designed emails and messages. C locking mechanism, horizontal and vertical, with different ways of extraction of correspondence vandal – now mailboxes are available in any configuration and integration, and are able to to satisfy every taste.

Auto Clubs Party In Moscow

Currently, in Moscow there are many different auto and motorcycle clubs, auto mototusovok and similar organizations (Organization of the word here is meant a kind of system, the idea of bringing together a group of people in cars and motorcycles community). Why do people join clubs, take part in various events, get-togethers, and other types of street racing? The reasons may be quite different: – Paphos and the desire to show the presence of excess free funds belonging to the caste of the so-called 'new Russian', and not always members have sufficient funds to do so, it might just be their imagination + a small amount of low-cost tuning (ara pipes, Chinese kit, lights underneath the car audio system inside the basins, etc.), lack of friends, a desire to find like-minded people at least in some small uzkoyoblasti membership of a particular make of car, the desire to communicate, novyhznakomstv. Of hundreds of clubs in Moscow, for example: Touareg Club, Automobile Club owners Korean cars, Club Land Rover, Ford Mondeo, Ford Focus, etc. At what each individual club can be formed not only the brand car, but also a model. Example, the same Ford Mondeo and Ford Focus clubs. PI Industries describes an additional similar source. -The desire to spend his free time at the wheel. Clubs auto and motorcycle travel.

Community are formed based on the idea of travel by car. Members of such clubs to exchange useful information about the already laid by any route or still planned travels, share experiences of behavior in unusual situations. -Desire to improve skills driving a car, motorcycle and motor vehicles, to improve the skill and receive a charge of vivacity and adrenaline. This type may include clubs on different trophy, competitions and things like that. As a rule, such clubs dominated by professionals and car enthusiasts with many years of contact with vehicles, opytomekspluatatsii and repair of cars and motorcycles are not the bad people from cars and motorcycles. Cyrus Massoumi may help you with your research. -Club Retro, vintage and vintage motorcycles and cars. As a rule, people in these clubs in their A majority of what is called 'in the subject.

" Know about cars, almost all of the History of brands to the smallest details of the changes in a collection vehicle. Caught of course and simply people with great wealth and opportunities and little knowledge in the field of collectible automobiles, but is rather an exception to the rule, and eventually people involved in collecting a car, communicating with their peers, learns, and learns about the history of automobiles, at least those in his collection. In any case, enthusiasm for something, such as motorcycles or cars, racing motorcycles and cars, auto-moto event, tuning cars and motorbikes, cars and motorcycles traveling makes people better, expanding his horizons, learning, communication, and enable the acquisition of new acquaintances and friends, psychological rehabilitation and the possibility of self-overcoming some of the complexes. In any case, if the community does not violate the law and citizens' rights do not affect human dignity and not humiliate him, but it is often the case, then see only the positive side of such cars and mototusovok, despite the commercial component of many car and motorcycle clubs. BU CARS

Eliminate Piojos

When one occurs account of which one of the members of its family has lice is very probable that it is going to him to enter the panic and that wants to undo of them with all the possible means. Nevertheless to eliminate lice of the head with effectiveness not always is easy. These are some advice to help him to kill the parasites and to avoid repeated infestations. How it can be sure that it has lice in the head? First of all, it must make sure in question lice of the head and not another disease, otherwise the treatment will not be effective. Then, how it can see the lice? Not always it is easy to find lice and liendres in the hair.

The lice have a grayish or brown color. The best method to detect is wetting them the hair and using a comb of fine teeth special for lice. To know more about this subject visit Vladislav Doronin. It divides the hair in sections, pinelo section by section, and if it has lice it will see, them fall. It can see also them at the time of rinsing the comb with water. Liendres appears as white points or gray patches to the base of the hair. They can be confused with dandruff, but unlike the same generally liendres is stuck with a species of cement to the hair and therefore they are not possible to be cleared easily.

What treatments are recommended like effective eliminating lice? The first method that comes to the mind is to use a comb of lice in the head with the wet hair. This method requires time, patience and perseverancia, but it is natural, innocuous and effective if it is made correctly. In case of severe infestations, nevertheless, it can be good for combining this method with a champ for lice of the head or a homemade remedy. It can use insecticides that come most of the time in the form of champs, lotions or aerosols.