Mother Teresa

Take a look at the Earth. There lies your body, spray perfumes and covered with rose petals, honored by all, courted by musicians and weepers, ready to be cremated with all the honors. Instead, look at the body of the woman, abandoned to the vultures and ignored by everyone and by everyone despised. But, however, she cultivated purity and high ideals for his heart thought in God constantly, and you, on the contrary, both looking at sin, teniste your soul with impurities. Sow your heart of resentment and bitterness with both rigor and critical. Do you understand, then, why each is so different sites, going beyond where you put your energy?.

We must avoid judging others, avoid letting us catch many aspects that the trial may involve but injuring is avoided, and most interpret facts, which is not known for certain are that way. Be considered, that stated as reminds us quietism, that there is nothing more serious, more annoying than judge or despise your neighbor Imagine a family member, a loved one. Do, rather, not judging ourselves, since we know our shortcomings, of which we will have to give account to God? Why usurp God’s judgment? do we should not tremble hearing what happened to that great Elder, who upon learning that a brother had fallen into fornication said of him: Oh!? Do evil committed! They do not know the fearsome history that refers to this regard the book of elders? A Holy angel brought to him the soul of the guilty and told him: whoever you judged has died. Where you want to lead it: to the Kingdom or the torment? what about more terrible than this responsibility?

Because the words of the angel to the elderly do not want to say anything other than: since you’re the judge of righteous and sinners, gives your orders with respect to this poor soul. You forgive it? Do you want to punish her? Thus, this old Saint, upset, spent the rest of his days between groans, tears and thousand sentences, begging God would forgive that sin and this then have been ideal at the feet of the angel and having received his forgiveness. Because the word of the angel: so God has shown you how serious is the judge, do not do more, it meant his forgiveness. However the soul of the elderly would not be consoled his sentence until his death. To the extent that we grow personally and especially in the spiritual, will removing criticism, judgment, in order to not give him chance to this out vices, errors, that we can affect, remember what we are told of Mother Teresa of Calcutta on this topic than: judge people takes so much time that it leaves no room for loving her. In this regard it says Jacobo Zarzar AIDI, that indeed, there is a bad habit of judging and criticizing people without measuring the consequences–including members of his own family, and worst of all, is that with this attitude, we have not left space to love them. When we fall into that error, labels as persons without Mercy, speaking badly of them as if we would like to destroy them, and we have no doubt put the finger in the wound, constantly questioning family members, things that they hurt, things that they hurt, they are personal, and that they should not ask.

Conservatory Harmony

The music is much more than four notes and media and the nuances and regulators, forts and piano, involving these notes. In the conservatories we do not learn music, We learn how the musical syntax is organized. We learn to read music. Even out fantastic instrumentalists of our conservatories. But do we really understand the music ever? In the career of a musician, few subjects are those dedicated to the most important thing, which is the compression and understanding of music. Musical forms we are studying at the Conservatory, together with the sight-reading, and harmony are really matters which could help us as more to be good musicians. However some approaches fail: harmony and counterpoint that is used to teach was a harmony almost exclusively on paper. It is not only practice the exercises on the piano and correct such or which note.

Really a musician with a deep knowledge of the language (music) does not depend on a piano, and suffice him pen and paper to make real music. But many armonistas, even using just pencil and paper, see no more beyond of the rubber. In harmony, as a premise, you should teach the sonorities of all possible chords, of conjunctions of notes regardless, of how you act on each other, and the limits of perception. Any chord ear should be able to recognize. You should learn how composers use these harmonies and can we use them us at a given time; Learn how to pass a hue to another in a natural way, learn to move in very altered tones in the same way that we move in c major, learn to harmonize a melody on the piano directly, or melodizar a harmony. This is the music, and not an absurd game of fifths and octaves. Many of the armonistas come with a great vision of harmony errors, but however have no idea of harmony! Once known the foregoing (which could occupy more than one, two or three courses, could occupy a whole life), then is the time to exercise the brain in the long-awaited search fifths and octaves, understanding why so are standards, and how should break them to say something interesting.

Justin Timberlake Talks

Biel, which broke this year, he said that it is the most important person in my life. Spears has said that it takes about nine or ten years and that during their relationship, nothing of what was happening between us was normal. Lists: 10 facts about j. Timberlake His best songs. Justin Timberlake: A film based on my life would be very boring. Justin Timberlake ensures that Actress Jessica Biel, with which he maintained a relationship for four years, is the person more important and special in his life, he told Vanity Fair magazine. In excerpts of an interview published by the magazine in its upcoming issue and that progress has been made this week to the American press, Timberlake said: she (Biel) is without a doubt the most important person in my life.

Biel and Timberlake began dating in January 2007 and put end to their relationship at the beginning of this year. In my 30 years of life, she is the most special person, okay? I do not mean much more because I’d rather protect the things that I care about, as for example, she added. The artist did not have many qualms when it comes to talking about another ex-girlfriend of the past, Britney Spears, with whom he claims to have not crossed a single word in 10 years. I wish you the best, of course, he declared. We have not spoken in about nine or ten years. There were two birds similar, guys with people, who were engaged in the same thing. But then do you most and how to be that you had as a kid already makes no sense. We spent much time being the biggest teen idols () nothing of what was happening between us was normal, he added.

For the future does not rule out marriage and raise a family, something not contemplated until well little. Some six months ago or even what raised me, but now it seems that as a planet in a close orbit, explained, without giving to know if it currently maintains a relationship. Over his career as a musician, something that in the past doubt awake years has departed in favor of his career as an actor. I wouldn’t say that I won’t ever get over an album. I would say that it is not a safe bet. But I am doing one big tour, he concluded.

New Edition Of

The captivating love story plays Aschaffenburg in Bamberg. In Sandra McKee’s Roman life, choosing”escapes the Hallstadterin their daily routine as a housewife and mother Winter of Theresa, as they travel to Dublin without their family. There she meets the free spirit and life artist Ian Cordes, making her life takes an unexpected turn. Hall city was ideal as my protagonist. The city has many parallels to my own place of birth. Ranging from the proximity to a major city, so Bamberg, the rural character. I wanted to let Theresa just come from a similar environment like the one in which I myself live”, tells the native Fassihi, published under the pseudonym of Sandra McKee due to her love of the Emerald Isle.

The life that you choose”combines the love story of the therapist from town hall and the Irish musician with a fascinating travelogue on Ireland. My novel is about the choices we make, and the resulting consequences. From the eternal dilemma that we often covet what we just can’t have. It’s about figuring out who we are and who we want to be. But mainly it’s about love,”explains the author.

An exciting read, not only for Swiss francs, but for all the fans of Nicolas sparks and Cecelia Ahern. The life that you choose”is available shortly in a second edition. 264 Pages, telescope-Verlag. Sandra McKee is a writer from the Unterfranken Aschaffenburg, with the life one chooses” was a promising debut. Together with her husband and three sons shared, she lives in a village near the city of Frankfurt.

Louis Armstrong

Music as a language: something that seems so topical, as daily view. Paradoxically many of us have studied in higher conservatories thousand and one complementary subjects, three thousand pieces for the instrument, and it is that barely know how the! language of music! But is it possible, knowing Sol-FA? In the conservatories we study how the language of music is structured: study the rules and techniques that support the language of music, from a syntactical point of view. The best comparison that comes to mind is the latin: almost all have had to study us declines, adverbs, and the words Latino, and without embargo… None knew never to speak latin! It is true that we know the music… we know what is an eighth note, we know interpret music in our instrument… but we know making music? Do you think really that the musical vision of a composer in interpreting a piece is the same as that of an interpreter, by very good technique that the aforesaid interpreter possess? Is worth citing that anecdote in which, after brand new Beethoven composition, a musician turned him and said something to him as well: do teacher, don’t you know musical errors? does Harmony) which has committed? To which Beethoven replied: I am music. Paco de Lucia, Louis Armstrong… they probably will never come to have the amount of titles we music graduates possess, however they are music, like Rachmaninoff, Mozart or Beethoven.

Any cantaor Flamenco can be more musician than a top Professor’s instrument. All these statements lead us to the key question: what then, used conservatories currently? We could wander and would arrive at conclusions as aberrant as consider music an infused science art, an art of dark, as if it were a thing of magicians. Currently need one be magician to take account of what the music actually, assuming possessing a superior official Conservatory studies.

Children Plays By The Limburg Puppet

New: Fabulous Bremen: the enchanted Bremen town musicians that once is something else! Children will learn in the course of the exciting stories which they listen by the way about the own city. Limburg puppet theatre produces plays for children from 4-12 years with historical and geographical background. Here an exciting story is connected with the possibility, something about the city and its historic buildings and the city history or legend to learn without it is boring. Children are becoming even more popular dramas, but the Limburg puppet theatre has created here a uniqueness by fun and excitement are connected with experience in your home town. Children who have visited such as Bremen and know the story of the Bremen town musicians, will experience a whole new story of this old tale.

“The Bremen town musicians are brought through the Limburg puppet to life: the contents of the children drama CD magical Bremen: the enchanted Bremen town musicians” of Limburg puppet theatre short reproduced: The children visit the grandmother in Bremen, who lives in the Schnoor. Just then, a series of mysterious events are piling up. The statue of the Bremen town musicians disappeared, a mummy from the lead cellar is also disappeared after they were awakened by a wizard to life. The Roland, the emblem of Bremen, has lowered his head! An exciting adventure for the children starts in which they begin to search through all of Bremen, the bottcherstrasse, the Schnoor, the marketplace, on the Weser, to the old mill. On the occasion, by the way important historical facts from the history of Bremen are told and brought the children so playful closer. Of course, a Happy ending there after the kids uncover the evil magic and eventually all are in its original location. Children are no boring readings with pedagogical finger but an interesting mixture of power and history, fairy tales and lore, as well as the lively drama of the Limburg puppet theatre Voices of the protagonists make dramas of the Limburg puppet theatre these children a highlight in children and adults.

URLs Press

Once you have accessed with OAuth and chosen your name of user AudioBoo, online registration is carried out in a new window, which also gives you the option of uploading a common audio file. If you record via the site, you can talk (sing, hum or moan or whatever you want to do) for five minutes, after which you can preview. When you are satisfied, they will proceed to give a title to the recording and AudioBoo will save it in the section of the site called Yours Boos. From here you can choose to share the audio from Facebook, then if they want the habiliti and creates a short URL like this: AudioBoo sound quality is good, but there is no way to see how many people have tuned to listen to your broadcast, although there is the possibility to comment on Boos. This is the way in which your account in Boos will be: 3. is another service that allows you to both save and load files online. Recording online is very easy: you only have to access with OAuth to authorize the use of your microphone and it will give them a generous time of thirty minutes to record, what is almost the time of a podcast. Simply press the button of recording, press again to stop, and then press play to review what you just pronounce.

Once they have finished in the same screen there is a box to enter up to 100 characters of text, then simply press the key Twaudio it! and you’re. URLs are super short () and are played automatically when you select the link. Those who listen to his recordings also the download option, they receive an insertion code, Retweet some of them or comment on them, and then sent as a response to the @creador. The sound quality is good, and the site indicates the number times that our recording, heard what we increases a little ego.


Dear gayt through the ears: read by NELA Bartsch giraffe in the eye of the needle – it gayt women nine months she hung down. Now Giraffe in the eye of the needle comes from the book in the ear the Ohriginal audio book has finally been released. Sandra Wohes erotic novel, released in the year 2006 the bankruptcy book ver layer Claudia Gehrke, quickly became a bestseller. The lively hustle and bustle to Inge and Brigitte, the two girlfriends, providing all people want in a vacation refuge of relationship work, is now available in a further Edition. Paper is patient, and it is the spoken word? “No problem for Inge and Brigitte: giraffe in the eye of the needle” is now also available as unabridged! Audiobook available. A ravishing about NELA Bartsch, offers the CD in MP3 format for eight hours of listening pleasure. ISBN 978-3-88769-819-5 has this Ohriginal”available in bookstores and directly from the bankruptcy book publisher Claudia Gehrke. Listen to sample on goodbye, Sandra Wohe

FastTrack KZA Lite

“EBook ‘Bis(s) to sunset ‘ by Stephanie Meyer lawyers for the audiobook Hamburg HHV GmbH will urge by Waldorf urged on behalf of the Hamburg HHV GmbH the Waldorf attorneys at law copyright infringement on peer-to-peer networks on the audio book / E-book twilight saga: Twilight” off. Background who is warning the claim would be in a so-called sharing network on the Internet (E.g. Kademlia Vuze, eMule eKad Gnutella gtk-gnutella, LimeWire, PHEX, Shareaza Gnutella2, FastTrack KZA Lite k ++, BitTorrent, eDonkey, StealthNet I2Phex, GNUnet, Freenet) a copyrighted eBook without justification to the upload available has been made. This is a copyright violation pursuant to 97. 97 a, 98, 94, 16, and 19A UrhG. By an Antipiracy firm the IP port number, date and time of the offer in the Exchange, as well as the file name should be documented proof safe.

In addition to the work of twilight saga: the twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer are currently following further Horbucher abgemehnt: Daniel Glattauer, good against the North wind Markus heating, the war of the dwarves, Stephanie Meyer, Twilight saga: dawn. The Waldorf lawyers ask for rights holders of the audio / E-book providing a punitive cease and desist with the obligation for each future infringement on the Hamburg HHV GmbH to pay a reasonable penalty and payment of a lump sum for damages, cost of employing the lawyer and determining the data by EUR 806,–. A legal accompaniment of this matter is extremely useful, since the required declaration of discontinuance, which means a commitment for 30 years, should be signed, not untested and just modified. Against this background can be to use a booth type option from the Internet also recommended. Also follow-up warnings to avoid and the matter in the short term and as inexpensive to do, obtaining a competent legal advice is recommended. Often succeed in either the Claim to ward off or that the opposing party waived at least a part of the requested payment. Current information, instructions and recommendations for the further course of action, visit our website at: warning/hhv-waldorf.htm

Astrological Consultation

New release of the first individual horoscope interpretation on CD St. Johann, 26 May 2011. The audiobook publishing house “daphono” established in St. Johann in the Swabian Alb, has launched a new category of astrological advice out. Because it means for more and more people in the German-speaking an obstacle on the way to do an astrological consultation customers should have the opportunity now, the advice to coming home to them.

Advice from an objective point of view is a relief for psychological distress and other problems. An astrological consultation can help to consider the point of view of things from a new angle. Because sometime everybody at one point in his life where new choices. You can Dodge them or would like to know: what are my real life issues? How can I better understand me and my fate? Why me again and again same things happen? An astrological consultation will not change now on later everything, but can open your eyes to understand himself and his environment. The only what is required to create a horoscope are the birthday, (as) minute exact birth time and place of birth. The advantage of the astrological advice on CD is that it saves travel costs and the time involved. You can listen to this CD so many times, where and when you want – listen to itself, with the family or circle of friends. This audiobook is available at a price of 179,90 at the publishing house Daphono in direct selling.