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The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed In the context of psychoanalysis the play therapy developed today belongs to the important concepts of occupational therapy, especially when working with children. This is the natural play instinct for benefit, to help the young patients themselves to meet, to learn the mental disorders to overcome and another more social behavior patterns. In their long practice as an occupational therapist Elisabeth Brechtel has can successes many therapy using game-therapeutic methods. In a brief overview, she explained what these methods are. Application forms of play therapy, directive and non-directive play therapy is differentiated between the two forms. Critical of these two forms of therapy is that the one with and the other without the guidance of the therapist is running. This means that when the non-directive play therapy the child itself decides what actions it performs.

The non-directive play therapy is both in the therapeutic as well as in the diagnostic context used. Because due to the way, such as what feelings and behaviors within the therapy sessions are expressed, can be causes of developmental disabilities, mentally caused problems and other abnormalities develop. Basic idea of the non-directive play therapy is to give the children play in a protected atmosphere and under the supervision of an attentive and compassionate therapist casually to process feelings expressed to bring and so conflicts, a variety of emotional problems and traumas or overcome. To deepen your understanding Yorkville Advisors is the source. Here the course of therapy depends on the child. How long such therapy, you can not generalize, because this depends on each patient and the severity of the problem to possible. Force one can’t also through play therapy. This form of therapy is used typically in children at an age between three and twelve years as they aged particularly well on the play therapy attract.

Children with developmental delays, behavioral problems, insomnia or anxiety, but also children who are victims of abuse or suffered psychological trauma, can be found among others in the play therapy. That children using the play therapy permanently to themselves find and overcome many types and developmental and behavioral problems, Elisabeth Brechtel know from their years of experience as an occupational therapist. They accompanied their small and also large patients on their paths in life, with the lowest or devoid of any restrictions. The ways of occupational therapy she informed of course like.

Sleep Problems

The five most common causes of sleep problems insomnia and sleep problems include the numerically biggest complaints of the Germans. Around 40% give to have occasional sleep problems. So what to do against the insomnia? A flat response does not exist on it, since it can have many causes, if someone can fall asleep is difficult, but I will give you here some who frequently call and how you can fight them to sleep well again. Five causes of insomnia and what you can do about it: incorrect room temperature straight in winter sleep 1.Das many people when fully turned on heating, ignorant, this is absolutely deadly for their sleep! Five shock airing before go to bed work wonders! The optimal sleeping temperature is at 15-16 C, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. In addition, it is very important that they have fresh air in your bedroom. Stuffy, hot air, prevents a simple sleep very much and ensures that you are the next morning as feel slain. 2.Fehlende Sleep hygiene Yes, also the hygiene can have an influence on their sleep behavior, even though this is a rather unknown factor. Go sweaty and miefend in bed, perhaps certainly not comfortable lie is even on bedding since no longer changed a month, then you feel.

If you feel uncomfortable, it is the difficult to sleep and he gets what? That’s right, insomnia! So: Take a shower before going to sleep or take a hot bath (that helps by itself already very strongly, even if they are clean! 😉 and Ade wave of insomnia in a dream.) 3.Seelische loads if you feel emotionally burdened, perhaps by a dispute with the partners, the boss or a friend, then went it internally on. Their idea did not come to rest and will increasingly revolve around the topic. That takes away the sleep. Solve the problems or find a solution to move them or to let go for the moment internally, then you can sleep again. 4. sport front Going to sleep not only your mental state, but also the physical, a strong influence on whether and how it has can sleep.

If you go just before bedtime intensive sports have operated, then your body still in a highly active state is, he don’t want to sleep, but he is set to physical activity. Post-workout, blood pressure remains elevated even two hours! So, When they go to sleep at 10, then they should be done best to 7 with the sport, just to be sure to go 😉 5.Korperliche tension sports is not the only cause which they can keep her body. Also the tension is a problem that can have insomnia resulted after the exertions of the day. Remedy, home remedies, the good old tricks that knew Granny still can insomnia. Everything from the classic warm milk with honey to the Kneipp treading water can help you. Unfortunately not every home remedy helps everyone, so they should try various means to find what best fails on you. One You can download report with 10 home remedies for sleep problems on my site.