Isosoft Jackets

These jackets are as warm as natural down jackets, but unlike the latter are easier to maintain, since it is easy to machine wash and dry just as quickly. Jacket can still be classified as sports clothing and if you do not fit this style, pay attention to the textile jacket modern high-tech insulation or fur podstezhkoy. At the moment there are special materials and all kinds of insulation, which, when skillfully combined, in their insulating properties do not inferior to natural fluff. Such insulation can be attributed Isosoft, Thinsulate, Gore-tex, Termolite, Windstopper, etc. Of course, these jackets can not be called down jackets, but nevertheless the use of modern technologies will allow you to walk in the textile jacket even in the most intense cold. Large range of fabrics allows designers to create a variety of models to suit every taste and budget. Fur podstezhka also will not be superfluous. Fur you will be warm and severe frosts.

Very good addition to the jacket is the hood, representing a further protection from wind and cold weather for your head, besides a great option for those who do not like to wear hats. It should also pay attention to the material of the jacket sewn. It is better to give preference to mixed fabrics, which allow you to breathe the product and at the same time remain waterproof. Purely natural fabrics to Unfortunately wet, and soaking can be washed off after the first washing. If you need the clothes do not get wet, then it should pay attention to products made of synthetic materials, as only they can 100% guarantee vodostoykost.Pri choice of textile jackets also should pay attention to accessories, manufacturers often skimp on it trying to earn more money. All zippers, buttons, buttons, etc. necessary check. It should not be a fault with the quality of sewing buttons, it makes the machine and on our experience, you always have to alter their own.