Bob Marley

I think that we’ll recursively over and over again. In fact I think to the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops, is inspired by certain things in this game. The fantastic of Heavy Rain is what has been achieved which are their characters and scenes that you have live / decide. Is how if you were the protagonist of a film, and at the same time the screenwriter. You feel, at times, reading a book. In fact, in some moments of the plot/game reminded me of some of my favorite books and what I would love to live again these stories in the form of interactive drama.

It would be mind-bogglingly great. The only downside of this type of games is that most people will only played it once. When you’re already done it is difficult that you retomes it sometime, but like a good book, when it comes the end gives you something of nostalgia by the end. The game is completely exclusive to PS3. 5 Rock Band 3 what you can say about the Rock Band who do not already know. It is without any doubt one of the best games invented over the past 10 years. I had always wanted to learn to play an instrument, feel what a musician feel to the interpret a song. Today, albeit with trap, I can do it.

I can be a musician, having my rock band, touring, onstage. Few things in life are more fun that being a rockstar, with this game you can live part of that experience. You could be Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury or John Lennon. That possibility has some price? Rock Band 3 is the third installment of the fantastic game created by Harmonix Music Systems and distributed by MTV. The track listing is really surprising, they guarantee you hundreds of hours fun hitting screaming, rocking and tormenting your neighbours. Never in the history of video games we have had so much variety, so much quality and the possibility to connect with players from anywhere in the world, who want to share hours of play with other people.