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Once you have accessed with OAuth and chosen your name of user AudioBoo, online registration is carried out in a new window, which also gives you the option of uploading a common audio file. If you record via the site, you can talk (sing, hum or moan or whatever you want to do) for five minutes, after which you can preview. When you are satisfied, they will proceed to give a title to the recording and AudioBoo will save it in the section of the site called Yours Boos. From here you can choose to share the audio from Facebook, then if they want the habiliti and creates a short URL like this: AudioBoo sound quality is good, but there is no way to see how many people have tuned to listen to your broadcast, although there is the possibility to comment on Boos. This is the way in which your account in Boos will be: 3. Twaud.io Twaud.io is another service that allows you to both save and load files online. Recording online is very easy: you only have to access with OAuth to authorize the use of your microphone and it will give them a generous time of thirty minutes to record, what is almost the time of a podcast. Simply press the button of recording, press again to stop, and then press play to review what you just pronounce.

Once they have finished in the same screen there is a box to enter up to 100 characters of text, then simply press the key Twaudio it! and you’re. Twaud.io URLs are super short () and are played automatically when you select the link. Those who listen to his recordings also the download option, they receive an insertion code, Retweet some of them or comment on them, and then sent as a response to the @creador. The sound quality is good, and the site indicates the number times that our recording, heard what we increases a little ego.