Then, the comment by means of the hearing of voices can be made, only considering the musicalidade of the voice, the absence of noises or tonelessness, aspects that can show the disfonia. Chosen the sample, the day for application of the informed research and to the same ones was marked as if the collection would proceed from data. A done time this, in the day of the application of the research, gave to the register of the voices in two stages, being the first one, the writing of the voice without ingestion of the apple Ran away and second, writing of the voice after the ingestion of the related fruit. In the first stage, that is, in the writing of the voice without ingestion of the apple, for the test the emission of the vowels was asked for drawn out (/a/, /e/, /i/, /u/) and affricative deaf /s/ and sonorous fricative consonant /z/. One still required, that the patients pronounced the days of the week, months of the year, counting of numbers of 01 the 20 and to the end, that sang music Congratulations for you. In the second stage, writing of the voices was given to it after the ingestion of the apple, whose size and quality the participants were equal for all, choosing itself it apple I ran away due its nutricionais advantages and from consistency, as well as bigger concentration of pectina of what found in the apple the Gala. It is important to detach, however, that first, the patients had been guided how much to the chew. For the writing of the voices, procedure of the first stage was applied the same, having fit to be clarified that for register of the voices, the study it counted on the use of a photographic machine Samsung 7,2, therefore better presented quality of writing for analysis of the voices.