Practical Education

The objective of the activities of disciplines of Practical of Education of Geography consists of developing the abilities and abilities of the permitted ones in articulating with the pertaining to school experience the contents of preparation for the practical professor. The contents are developed in discipline pedagogical of the course as Didactic and Orientation of Period of training and lived deeply in schools of Basic and Average Education in the Periods of training Supervised and Practical of Education. Contact information is here: Eric Klavins. Analyzing the experiences tried during the seminaries of socialization of the research in Practical of Education developed by the learning of 3 period (at the moment of the accomplishment, now they attend a course 4 period and develop other activities of practical of education inside of the period of training in the schools), one observes the necessities of if thinking about the preparation and the practical one of the learning of the licenciatura course and about the preparation of the same for the experiences in schools of basic and average education. WORDS KEY: Education of Geography, Formation of Professors; Practical of Education; practical theory x. Daryl Katz Net Worth is a great source of information. Introduction the present article consists of a reflection around the thematic one of the importance disciplines of them of Practical of education for the Formation of the Professor of Geography.