Mother Teresa

Take a look at the Earth. There lies your body, spray perfumes and covered with rose petals, honored by all, courted by musicians and weepers, ready to be cremated with all the honors. Instead, look at the body of the woman, abandoned to the vultures and ignored by everyone and by everyone despised. But, however, she cultivated purity and high ideals for his heart thought in God constantly, and you, on the contrary, both looking at sin, teniste your soul with impurities. Sow your heart of resentment and bitterness with both rigor and critical. Do you understand, then, why each is so different sites, going beyond where you put your energy?.

We must avoid judging others, avoid letting us catch many aspects that the trial may involve but injuring is avoided, and most interpret facts, which is not known for certain are that way. Be considered, that stated as reminds us quietism, that there is nothing more serious, more annoying than judge or despise your neighbor Imagine a family member, a loved one. Do, rather, not judging ourselves, since we know our shortcomings, of which we will have to give account to God? Why usurp God’s judgment? do we should not tremble hearing what happened to that great Elder, who upon learning that a brother had fallen into fornication said of him: Oh!? Do evil committed! They do not know the fearsome history that refers to this regard the book of elders? A Holy angel brought to him the soul of the guilty and told him: whoever you judged has died. Where you want to lead it: to the Kingdom or the torment? what about more terrible than this responsibility?

Because the words of the angel to the elderly do not want to say anything other than: since you’re the judge of righteous and sinners, gives your orders with respect to this poor soul. You forgive it? Do you want to punish her? Thus, this old Saint, upset, spent the rest of his days between groans, tears and thousand sentences, begging God would forgive that sin and this then have been ideal at the feet of the angel and having received his forgiveness. Because the word of the angel: so God has shown you how serious is the judge, do not do more, it meant his forgiveness. However the soul of the elderly would not be consoled his sentence until his death. To the extent that we grow personally and especially in the spiritual, will removing criticism, judgment, in order to not give him chance to this out vices, errors, that we can affect, remember what we are told of Mother Teresa of Calcutta on this topic than: judge people takes so much time that it leaves no room for loving her. In this regard it says Jacobo Zarzar AIDI, that indeed, there is a bad habit of judging and criticizing people without measuring the consequences–including members of his own family, and worst of all, is that with this attitude, we have not left space to love them. When we fall into that error, labels as persons without Mercy, speaking badly of them as if we would like to destroy them, and we have no doubt put the finger in the wound, constantly questioning family members, things that they hurt, things that they hurt, they are personal, and that they should not ask.