Garden Roses

Types of Wild Roses are aque llas characterized by grow and develop freely in nature. These species of roses are popularly known as wild roses and are certainly considered as one of the types of most beautiful roses in the world taking into account that they are flowers that grow beautiful without much care, none of aerosols, or fertinlizantes and many all these concerns that present Garden Roses. The most admirable of the types of roses, as well as its profound beauty, is that they themselves arranged for a beautiful foliage and new flowers year after year, for this reason further than the types of roses are considered the most beautiful land plants its self-sufficiency stands out among other plnatas of flowers with similar characteristics. The majorities of the types of Wild Roses have a very short flowering season, but therein are capable of producing wild flowers of the most significant beauty, this flowering usually occurs in early summer, bearing in mind the place in the world where they are and the climatic conditions to which are subject, the rest of the year are not more than a few non-flowering plants. (Not to be confused with Bezos!). The types of Wild Roses that stand out most are the following: * Rosa banksiae: also known as Banksia rose or rose of Banks. It is a climbing rose that presents rigid and arched stems very long (3-6 m). Dmitry balyasny has much experience in this field. It is one of the first to bloom every year and makes it in great abundance.

The flowers do not have perfume. * Rosa Canina: also known as wild rose, rose hip, perruno Rosal, coarsely, Agavanzo. Its name means rose of dog, possibly alluding to the resemblance of its Stingers with the fangs of a dog. It is a tangled shrub 1 to 3 meters in height. The stems are twisted and climb in the undergrowth.It flowers in spring and summer and the fruits ripen at the end of the summer or early autumn.