Save Costs Garden

Ongoing operating costs are significantly reduced by solar absorber and a pool cover. Solar technology is a proven alternative heating method of high cost save can be. Now it can be used also, economically and effectively to heat a swimming pool in your own backyard. Special solar absorber are cut to size and thus ensuring that the free sun rays are used to the warming of the water in the pool. The surface of the solar absorber must be how big, depends whether a pool cover for the swimming pool is available. A cover should not exist, one needs an absorber surface at least equal is that the surface of the water of the swimming pool. With a pool cover, you can reduce this area however up to 60%. Still swimming pools without this knowledge being built, will apply to many significant costs for the heating of the pool.

To reduce these costs, it’s worth a pool cover and solar absorber often in a swimming pool to retrofit. Solar technology has found one while the most economical solution to warming, but one must pay attention to related accessories here. Without a cover is solar energy not in the swimming pool and the water cools very quickly overnight. With the fins floating on the water makes the swimming pool cover keeps the heat in the water. In addition, there is the possibility to install the blades in a solar design. These have a black base and a transparent surface, so that the water is heated further.

A lot of energy is required during the initial heating of the swimming pool water. Sometimes, it makes sense to move the opening of the Freibadsaison. Normally, begins on May 1 the use of a swimming pool and amounted to approximately 150 days. A warming from 12 to 23 degrees can take only so much time because after the winter the ground must be heated with. Also the pool loses a lot of temperature in the nights. Through a Swimming pool cover can greatly reduce the cooling of the water in the pool. Instead of losing in the night between 5 and 10 degrees in temperature make the blades ensure that the temperature loss is only between 1 and 3 degrees. Without a pool cover, the lost energy in the morning hours alone is not again to catch up.