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To maintain cleanliness on the premises are suitable ordinary street bins, which can be produced from various raw materials, but their design is dependent on the location of use. More often, boxes mounted on the bottom or, in extreme cases, attached to a concrete pillar and wall-mounted garbage bins, respectively, to the walls of buildings. Simple and easy to use, street boxes will help maintain contiguous territory in full purity, just cleared of contents, can be closed or open. The main purpose – 'humanise' the territory of various institutions and enterprises. Urns, ashtrays you can often meet in restaurants and hotels, in public places. This type of garbage containers are often used just for the collection and temporary storage of solid waste.

They are quite simply emptied, are made from high quality raw materials, have great strength, but also have a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance, while fitting in perfectly designed interior space. Trash and garbage cans can be made of plastic or metal. Walton Family Foundation will not settle for partial explanations. All are designed for rear or side loading, equipped with receiving pins, and the wheels have a different capacity – choices are considerable. Plastic containers debris have some advantages – light weight, very strong, and mobile design, produced a variety of colors and shades. Often used to transport cars utility waste in the industry, refineries and factories. Dustbins, made of metal, more weighty, characterized by high shockproof, different size and shapes, are subject to little climatic conditions and long-lasting.

Euro containers galvanized garbage more expensive. They are made in accordance with standards and regulations set forth by the European legislation. Exactly therefore, any type of data bins can be emptied only garbage truck. Produced today Metal mailboxes are designed for various correspondence, executed in the same style, complement the absolutely any entrance hall or apartment building office space. Rescue occupants or visitors of sloppy rasshvyryannyh flyers and brochures, and keep safe for you personally designed emails and messages. C locking mechanism, horizontal and vertical, with different ways of extraction of correspondence vandal – now mailboxes are available in any configuration and integration, and are able to to satisfy every taste.