Dios Vanegas

Very Catholic, fully identified with their religion, belief. I can describe it is a man just, noble, friendly, always helped people when they asked collaborations, many times participated in some masses, ceremonies as an organist and was not paid. Willing to help. Every day brought home fruits, special breads, cheeses, which often gave you or bought, was not missing anything at home, and above all, he did share. It was very little conversation with family, especially issues of the journal live, very little ourselves in meals, usually passed it is only in its fourth reading, composing music or playing an instrument. Always caught my attention, its isolation, its behavior, never heard him complain, their way of living. I never insulted, scolding, he sought harmony, his loneliness to my aunt, elder sister of my mother, of the by what that that way of living, answering me, him, was isolated groups, after the death of his mother, who did it in his arms. Says my aunt, who adored his mother, from a young age that she was single, took charge of taking care of it, to fulfill all your needs, she was fully delivered until the time of his death.

The only thing I remember at the age of four. It seems then had. He was always with his mother and much cared for it and loved intensely, I remember my grandmother very little. Definitely, her death was very significant in his life, to the end that as mentioned was isolated, he spent much time in the House, with their instruments, as mentioned, writing music. making musical arrangement, always active giving her private lessons. I was surprised, that when I finished my high school, while he was in favour of that m Uncle grandfather Dr. Juan de Dios Vanegas was the rector of the oldest University of Leon and could go to pursue any of the traditional races without problem, in addition to having all the precautions regarding notes, told me, when I least expected it, you will go to study abroad.