Author Rainer Sauer

Excerpts from the spiritual advisor / storybook Deus Homo.Kaptel: all-in-one-be here, I want to tell a dream vision, I had several years ago and which significantly revolutionized my former State of knowledge. discussion. Through a powerful experience governed by my horizon of our potential experience freedom, expanded and changed. In particular I showed the glaring difference becomes evident when we transform from mere knowledge about something to the State of being of divine truth, so merge us with the knowledge. I woke up so to speak in the infinite space in this dream-consciousness, and I had an incredible increased perception of my self. I felt and I knew with all that made me as a divine entity, what it really means to be all-in one, because I was all-in one and found myself in total identification with everything. I was the perceiver and the perceived at the same time, the illusion of separation had dissipated entirely and was just yet, if ever, hypothetically in my Memory existent.

I perceived fused with the infinite rough mouth space-time me even as the fullness of all wisdom, infinite knowledge and inseparable. And Ungetrenntheit at the highest level, commitment to the room where I was and where I learned me even in symbiosis and absolute identification. I traveled through space, knowing, that this all I am so in full awareness that I meet exclusively myself now in all, was so on the one hand as defined the perceptual traveling through space, as well as simultaneous me to identify myself that what I perceived. And my transportation was easy only by my conscious intention instead, so just force of my existing consciousness and free will. And I knew that it is absolute freedom, the independence of all apparent external influences, accompanied me and which I encountered in every single moment and which I experienced as this indescribable feeling of pure being. In this Moment, bound in eternity, I was wisdom, immensity, I was divine spark and infinitely more, I definitely was the unspeakable.