Audiobook + eBook 1 price = the publishing sold his title from now (deadline October 10, 2007) in the bundle: each customer receives without charge always the audiobook and eBook together. So, he can always use the desired track with the medium of his choice. The Publisher says: “The philosophy behind it is that our customers want to purchase Yes a book and not the form in which the guide is just.” In this way, you can use the book with the media, which is especially suitable. With the MP3 player while jogging, you can hear the audiobook on the organizer or using an eBook reader read that in the subway eBook. And of course you can print a few pages for the bed. And DRM? It says “not with us”, at eBookle, “we make fair prices and we also rely on the fairness of our customers.” Fact: the prices of the title close together actually almost continuously lower than the original prices of the originals – probably noticed for eBook and Audiobook. And so nobody must buy the pig in a poke, you can be on the Internet site for each title hearing – download free and Leseprobem.