Windows Police

“Burglary figures increased – opts for prevention specialist from the hochsauerland district police established on the 18.07.2012, the protection community hochsauerland district and thus the 20 protection community in the network home safely”. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gallo Family offers on the topic.. Together with the police they participate home first in South Westphalia the network securely”and engage in the improvement of protection against burglary and fire prevention in the district. Burglary figures are”nationwide has risen in the hochsauerland district, Landrat Dr. Karl Schneider explains ernst. Valuable items stolen, lost need their own sense of security victims of break-ins often months to regain a normal life. It should come as often in the future.

Police and crafts offer as a partner in the network home safely”to citizens in the District of hochsauerland an accompaniment in three steps to secure home. 1 Police safety consultation step”: the technical consultant of the police hochsauerland district free and neutral information on vulnerabilities on Buildings, workings of the burglar and the security of your own home through DIN certified security technology. You create a personal backup concept for the residents and present the reference list of the protection community craftsmen. Step 2 of the recommendations”: with the craftsmen of the Schutzgemeinschaft hochsauerland district, citizens have a competent partner for the installation of the recommended safety technology on their side. In addition to companies that can build a WK-2-Windows distressed at and doors by the police, participate in specialist craftsmen, which are recognized by the plays for the installation of security systems and after the police recommendations can upgrade to Windows and doors. Step 3 preventing plaque”: your home burglar-resistant safety technology with smoke detectors fitted, a readable number attached to the House wall and a phone on the bed, then the citizen has earned an award. The police of the high sauerland District presented the “Prevention badge of the network home safe”.

The insurer that is connected to the network reward installation of burglar – and fire protection device at a discount in the household insurance.