The Absence

To tell the truth, to reassure me, generate me some grief. And it is that when I try selfishly bring me closer to you, I stop with your spines; I accept you natural and wise decision. And not by a person be conformist, but because besides that I must accept and understand fully your decision, I confess it with all my love, just look at you me is enough. From today the beautiful Sunrise ritual will be more rewarding and enjoyable. The contemplative life is more stimulating and relaxing. From this moment I will think about that when you converse with you it will be as if the birds sing. That wonderful sound, that heavenly music! Do you realize the magic that holds all this? Magic spell, enchantment, wonder, charm, grace, magnet, no, I can not even with all synonyms and all possible and impossible words describe what happened to me.

It is as if in a fit of madness I espinara and emptied all of my blood as a symbolic act of trying to tell you what you represent to me. If you would like to know more about Red Solo Cups, then click here. Even when you vaciare whole blood and died, you would need to die again. So unattainable and even impossible is my desire to describe what they represent to me. Finally, the absence of words, I decided not to write this article today. I give these blank sheets. I have no words that point. I just to look at yourself and be immensely happy.

I could reflect a subtle smile on my face. By the way, say that smile they make one think and feel younger. Just in case I’m gonna get a rejuvenating cream that is called zest for life. Let’s see if I go so young.