Tantric massage is a widely accepted ritual, the teaching comes from Tantra (Tao), is soft, pleasant, spiritual regeneration. Red Solo Cups has many thoughts on the issue. Tantric Massage is not only a rest, relaxation, is much more. Help to unlock tension and emotional knots, dynamic, free energy, combat stress and get to the heart can harmonize all bodily and mental energies. Tantric massage is at three levels: On the physical level On the emotional level On the spiritual plane Tantric massage is gentle and slowly, helps us to open our minds and let go gently. Tantric massage is sensual, not sexual, clothing, and at the same time releasing energy contributing to broad movements that connect all parts of the body touching the seven chakras to flow energy and therefore welfare. Tantric Massage is a pleasurable experience that lets you discover feelings charities, different tactile contact repercussions in the wake of the sensitivity of each. The Tantric massage is very different from most massage. It is designed to revitalize and regenerate, and learn how to massage both men and women, passing on a tremendous harmonic energy, bodily and mental.

Remember that Tantric massage is sensual but not sexual. If you're looking for sex, this is not the place for you. When you practice tantric love making love to your own existence. People are just doors, access to the whole. Through tantric sex encounters and through long and relaxed, following some rituals, lovers can get a physical and spiritual union so intense that orgasms come to feel with your whole body. For this reason, it is said that Tantra is the cult of ecstasy. Thanks to tantric love you have the opportunity to enjoy yourself and be happy.