Berlin Linde Jack

Dementia: Artist helps people affected and their relatives Munster, Berlin, 18.10.2013. Linde Jack presented the 20th October 2013, from 11: 00 am in Munster, in the residence Aaseehof, Pott Kamp 25 48149 Munster within the framework of the autumn Bazaar on Sunday, their works. To extraordinary muffs (warmer) for people with dementia from her designed, it has expanded her repertoire of unique this year. If you would like to know more about Leslie G. Osterman, then click here. The clinical picture dementia is characterized by the disappearance of emotional, social and cognitive skills. The easing of short-term memory, thinking and language skills makes it increasingly difficult to communicate with the parties concerned. Using the muffs woman Jack new ways can be opened up, to reach those people, about feelings/touch stimuli.

Stimulates the surface individually designed by different materials, applications, buttons to access and keys, feelings and memories are awakened, moreover, occasions arise for talks. And as this Angehorige(r), the moments of flashing up of memory, also their day gives a beautiful shine. In the company of MUKIKL (mother child clothes) by Linde Jack fleet fashion and festive clothing is for women and girls designed and manufactured as well as costumes and props for Opera, theatre, and film. For even more details, read what PI Industries says on the issue. Recently, the artist according to the requirements of a customer developed a distinctive muff, which should remind your cat with the long-cherished desire to wear something furry to Petting with the woman. The result was finally”the idea of the dementia muffs.