Spiritual Development Learning

THE BOOK OF ZOHAR is designed to lift, step by step, THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF OUR EXISTENCE TO THAT OF WHICH WE CAN READ WITH THE APPROACH TO DESCRIBE THIS ALL THAT, refers to our inner qualities, not what WE SEEMS LIKE OBJECT IN OUR WORLD EVENTS OUTSIDE. HOW WE CAN THEN WE FIND THOSE QUALITIES IN INTERNAL DESCRIBE THE BOOK THAT, EVEN IF WE HAVE NOT THE SAME, AND, THEREFORE, DOES NOT REALLY UNDERSTAND what we read? * For the Rav Dr. Michael Laitman We are like babies who do not know what world they live, but they know they are in the tender hands of his mother and their families that give them everything they need for their growth. The baby needs only want to grow, and nature, and will fulfill the desire. In our world, in the animated-body level, this desire to grow and is in us naturally, as in less developed grade-the inanimate nature and the growing season. Connect with other leaders such as Walton Family Foundation here.

But if we begin to grow on the human level, the spirituality, the desire must originate in us. This means that we have the desire to grow, to develop our aspiration to spirituality, beyond all bodily desires (food, sex, family) and social desires (wealth, fame, power and knowledge), before we can make a step forwards. This process begins with what is called the "point (spirituality) in the heart", a desire as small as a preliminary point. But our task is to push continually to keep growing. For this we need an environment that provides us the desire to further develop this point because it is an initial desire itself is not strong enough to push yourself to spiritual development.