Novigrad – Antique And Today

Novigrad is located on the west coast of Istria, 15 km north of the larger town of Porec. Originally a small island, but was connected to the mainland in the 18th century. Here the river Mirna flows into the Adriatic. With only 2,500 inhabitants, the narrow alleyways and medieval buildings, it is among the most beautiful places in Istria. Probably founded by Greek sailors settled here but also the Romans, who fortified the city and they called novelty. 1,000 years she was a bishop seat and has now dedicated to tourism. The small alleys, the old city wall along the port, guard towers and a few houses in the Gothic style, and a loggia living witness to the past bloom.

In the church of ‘Holy Mary, Maximilian and Pelagius’ you can still visit Roman and early Christian fragments, which are incorporated into the later baroque style. Under the altar is a three-nave Romanesque crypt. Some of the old town of Novigrad is sunk in the sea. There are daily bus services between Novigrad and Porec. By car there is a direct and signs at the entrance to the park Irma Bencic parking, as the city in summer traffic.

There are a few campsites and a few hotels in town. In the summer, a big jazz festival is held. The crystal clear, deep blue water ideal for bathing around the old town. Also here you can snorkel, surf and dive. In one of the big hotel facilities, there is a casino, into two camps, one can play tennis or mini golf. But there are also many small cafes, bars and restaurants in Novigrad with excellent food. From the promende can be wonderful to see you on the opposite side of the bay and end the evening with a glass of good wine. In the vicinity are the cities of Umag, known for its vineyards, the village Groznjan above the Mirna valley, where artists and musicians live, the medieval town of Motovun, with even a complete wall from the 13th and 17th century, the lively town of Porec, which is also called the Riviera of Istria and is culturally and historically has much to offer, and the cave Baredine Jama between Gedici and Nova Vas Novigrad are just a few destinations.