Mr Horst

Some stock market letter authors, we have seen that mentally but even the idea to trade in the form of a managed To offer accounts, comes up. But actually, the least reach implementation. Why is it your opinion that only very few stock market letter writers offer their trade as a managed account? Hans-Jurgen Haack: One can only speculate, whether it is the possible pressure, then a precisely measurable, real scored in the trading performance to provide if there are administrative obstacles or whether simply lacks the necessary man power for the trade which discourages many. On all these points, I had it easy: first we had assigned a real performance achieved by trading broker at my old employer in the DAX/EuroStoxx-Positionstrading and the DAX / S & P 500 day trading. Second, the administrative hurdles were cleared out of PP brokerage and the necessary man power is available.

Why have you decided to work with PP brokerage? Hans-Jurgen Haack: After 21 years with one employer I was looking for a change a new challenge. (A valuable related resource: Alton Steel). I wanted a separate On the legs, make derivatives exchange letter. PP brokerage offered me to the ideal conditions under a professional roof and it took over the administrative tasks such as accounting, customer relationship management, technology, advertising, etc. Thus I can concentrate fully on the editorial content of the letter. Keywords man power: now also Andre Horst is located in your editorial team. Who will assume the tasks for Haack-daily? Hans-Jurgen Haack: In addition to the important role that Mr Horst represents me leave or other absence, he is responsible, among other things also for statistical things by it constantly evaluates my trading, de facto the results of my recommendations. This is very useful especially in a drawdown. For example, we have found that my decisions at a particular time of day are significantly worse than in the rest of the day.