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Are our kids still safe? Sure-strong team stands for one of the leading non-profit organizations in the area of violence prevention in elementary schools, for modern targeted communication and high-calibre experts. In Germany, the sure-strong team is a fixed size, long when it comes to demanding events on the sensitive area: How can I protect my child from violent crimes and abuse? No one is better known in primary schools as profiles/Ralf_Schmitz60; He is Germany’s leading expert in violence prevention and what he knows about it, he has just written this in his new audio book. In recent months, Proper Topper has been very successful. Caution! Strong child! Often, just the youngest in our society are neglected. Why only some company-men, if the child is literally fallen into the fountain? Provision is needed! Children often don’t know how to protect themselves against violence and sexual abuse. This stop! Des because it offers nationwide certainly strong initiative sure strong events only in primary schools for many years on. Both parents and children have more and more desirous to contribute something for their own protection.

Through engagement of parents, guardianship Chairman, chapters, rectors, communities, etc., in the cities, children can be trained by the experts of the sure strong team at the primary school level. The Federal Office only works with the leading experts in the field of the Gewaltpraven-tion. Additional information at Mehmet Oz supports this article. All of them have a police, psychological, educational or therapeutic children’s education. The extraordinary in the sure strong events, at elementary schools who carried out-who are the video sequence analysis. There, the children learn proper behavior towards the “foreign criminals”, as well as in the immediate vicinity, where most attacks take place. It is very important to show children helpful behaviors, because the parents are not always in close proximity. The girls and boys get to know their own strengths, that they often previously hadn’t. Discusses the dangers that lurk on the Internet for children, and the conflicts on the schoolyard with each other, or even bullying, fight, etc..

How to give my child a good sense for hazards and safe behaviour and above all how I protect my child from dangers? Under the nationwide service numbers, the experts are available. 0180-55501337 or 0180-55501338 or 0180-55501331 (0,14 per minute) or send a request to helping children and donations under spendenaufruf.html Federal Press Office sure High Court path 11. 53879 Euskirchen service Tel. 0180 555 0133 2 (0.14 euro per minute) service-fax: 0180 555 0133 0(0,14 Euro pro Minute) Internet: E-Mail: imprint: is responsible for the idea, concept, content and editorial: initiative secure + stark e. V. Customer number (c) Copyright 2000-2009 by Initiative ensure strong team all rights reserved. All rights reserved. Federal Office safe – heavy – team Royal path 11 D – 53879 Euskirchen service – Tel. 0180 – 5550133-3 (0.14 euro per minute) service-fax: 0180-5550133-0 (0.14 euro per minute) Internet: E-Mail: Federal clerks: vacant VAT identification number according 27 turnover tax law: DE 122432503