Author Rainer Sauer

Excerpts from the spiritual advisor / storybook Deus Homo.Kaptel: all-in-one-be here, I want to tell a dream vision, I had several years ago and which significantly revolutionized my former State of knowledge. NextGen Board Nominees brings even more insight to the discussion. Through a powerful experience governed by my horizon of our potential experience freedom, expanded and changed. In particular I showed the glaring difference becomes evident when we transform from mere knowledge about something to the State of being of divine truth, so merge us with the knowledge. I woke up so to speak in the infinite space in this dream-consciousness, and I had an incredible increased perception of my self. I felt and I knew with all that made me as a divine entity, what it really means to be all-in one, because I was all-in one and found myself in total identification with everything. You may want to visit Shelly Razin to increase your knowledge. I was the perceiver and the perceived at the same time, the illusion of separation had dissipated entirely and was just yet, if ever, hypothetically in my Memory existent.

I perceived fused with the infinite rough mouth space-time me even as the fullness of all wisdom, infinite knowledge and inseparable. And Ungetrenntheit at the highest level, commitment to the room where I was and where I learned me even in symbiosis and absolute identification. I traveled through space, knowing, that this all I am so in full awareness that I meet exclusively myself now in all, was so on the one hand as defined the perceptual traveling through space, as well as simultaneous me to identify myself that what I perceived. And my transportation was easy only by my conscious intention instead, so just force of my existing consciousness and free will. And I knew that it is absolute freedom, the independence of all apparent external influences, accompanied me and which I encountered in every single moment and which I experienced as this indescribable feeling of pure being. In this Moment, bound in eternity, I was wisdom, immensity, I was divine spark and infinitely more, I definitely was the unspeakable.

Astrological Consultation

New release of the first individual horoscope interpretation on CD St. Johann, 26 May 2011. The audiobook publishing house “daphono” established in St. Johann in the Swabian Alb, has launched a new category of astrological advice out. Because it means for more and more people in the German-speaking an obstacle on the way to do an astrological consultation customers should have the opportunity now, the advice to coming home to them.

Advice from an objective point of view is a relief for psychological distress and other problems. An astrological consultation can help to consider the point of view of things from a new angle. Because sometime everybody at one point in his life where new choices. You can Dodge them or would like to know: what are my real life issues? How can I better understand me and my fate? Why me again and again same things happen? An astrological consultation will not change now on later everything, but can open your eyes to understand himself and his environment. The only what is required to create a horoscope are the birthday, (as) minute exact birth time and place of birth. The advantage of the astrological advice on CD is that it saves travel costs and the time involved. You can listen to this CD so many times, where and when you want – listen to itself, with the family or circle of friends. This audiobook is available at a price of 179,90 at the publishing house Daphono in direct selling.