Symbolic System

This article explains the symbolic meaning of the colors chosen to illustrate the tarot. The rich symbolism of the tarot has already been widely recognized. The profusion of mystical elements, sealed and mythological cabalistic present in each deck is huge and is coupled to transmit messages of great power and wisdom. In Kabbalistic elements, has been extensively studied the meaning of the numbers in each tarot card, because not only is extremely important figure for each letter, but even the number times that certain elements are repeated within the same. These are the evolution and complexity that the tarot has achieved over the centuries. So no surprise that also the colors chosen to illustrate the scenes on each card have its own meaning. And is a factor to take into account when interpreting the messages of the tarot.

The white, within the symbolic system of the tarot, conveys an image of purity, spirituality, light and innocence. But also of joy and optimism. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Codi and gain more knowledge.. The black on the other hand, speaks of inner life and introspection that can become excessive isolation and submission. You can also suggest an austere personality, methodical and organized. The gray is another tone that indicates organization and stability, although in his case, accompanied by good management of the interaction and social relations. Red is the color of passion, attraction, desire and love. Orange and yellow cousins bring messages of creativity, joy, power, strength, optimism, energy and intelligence. Rose speaks of innocence, tenderness and commitment to others.

Another indicating stability for the tarot, as well as gray, blue. Indeed, this is the tone of wisdom, faith, loyalty and quiet confidence. Brown also suggests stability and all the other qualities traditionally considered masculine. Green is for the tarot, the color of nature, and therefore its associated attributes, fertility, abundance, freshness, vitality, growth, harmony, exuberance and strength. Central Romana contributes greatly to this topic. Dark green is also for the tarot, the color of money. The wealth, however, is represented in the tarot by the golden tones, which also symbolizes the divine spirit, the spiritual openness and real attributes. As shown, the beautiful colors that adorn each tarot card multiple messages hidden well worth discovering.