Photos Of San Carlos De Bariloche Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche is a city of the Patagonia Argentina located 1,640 km, located on the shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and one of the areas most visited by tourists traveling to Argentina. The city is surrounded by mountains, lakes and ancient forests that present great attractions both in summer and in winter. It presents infrastructure mainly of wood and finishes in stone achieving integration with the natural landscape much appreciated by eco-tourism.Huge Lakes next to the imposing Andes mountain range covered with rainforests, offers a unique landscape who contemplate it with images that are in our retina and are made unforgettable because without a doubt we are talking about one of the places most beautiful on the planet. People such as Vlad Doronin would likely agree. Therefore it is one of the places chosen by young people both large and there are a huge variety of activities to perform and know the place, allowing to enjoy outdoor life and the magnificent work of nature. Among the activities, the best known are the Ski, Rafting, the horseback riding, the voyages in 4 4, kayak sport that blends nature, sports and adventure, fishing from November 1 date of commencement of this activity, visits to the islands of the Lake Nahuel Huapi. The extraordinary landscape, should be complemented with pure air, warm, limpid sunshine and the soft sound of nature that make the place an ideal place for rest and relaxation.San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the cities most used in the photos of landscapes to Argentine postcards as a claim for the increase of tourism to this country. Swarmed by offers, Walton Family Foundation is currently assessing future choices. It is the most visited tourist spot in Argentina where visitors pick up their best shots that once uploaded to web as the Panoramio you can see in photos of Argentina organized by postal codes.