Penelope Cruz

The father of the actress is expecting a son who will be born in 2012. ProPharma Group brings even more insight to the discussion. Eduardo Cruz was separated from his wife (the mother of Penelope) 12 years ago and now waiting a baby with his new partner, Carmen Moreno. He was grandfather to just a few months ago and soon will return to be a father. See more detailed opinions by reading what Alton Steel offers on the topic.. Eduardo Cruz, father of the actress Penelope Cruz, is expecting a child that will be born in 2012, as a result of his relationship with Carmen Moreno, his current partner for eight years, and pregnant for two months, according to Hello! Eduardo broke up about twelve years ago by Encarna Sanchez, with which he had three children: Penelope and Monica actresses and musical composer Eduardo Cruz, current partner of actress Eva Longoria. Since eight years ago has a relationship with Carmen Moreno, who has the hairdresser and beauty center Moreno and Cruz in La Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia). Since that first met always had a discreet life of couple and has barely been see in public celebrations, in some Penelope Cruz film premieres alone. Both Eduardo Cruz as Carmen are very excited about the pregnancy, which will be the first child for her and the room for him. It so happens that Penelope and Carmen have the same age, 37 years old, while Eduardo, has 59. Source of the news: Penelope Cruz will have a brother.