Nothing Better

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of serenata is mariachi bands and a balcony. Nothing to do! Today there is a super fashion trend to Serenade the bride at the wedding and not necessarily with mariachis. Before had reason, SERENADES if they are a tradition from the Mexicans, where usually the boyfriend surprised her suitor or girlfriend late at night with a musical group that dedicated a love song. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sen. Marco Rubio offers on the topic.. Many times this included, mariachis, a balcony and some others up to a bucket of water. But now seriously, the SERENADES emerged with the intention to let him know the feelings of an original and beautiful way to the beloved person, it was usually a boy to the girl of his dreams. And while melodies were heard overnight and the Declaration of love, the trembling girl’s excitement was listening in the darkness of her room deciding if remain as if nothing, or if turning on the light, what it meant accept the intention of the groom. Today over time things have changed a bit, and although the intent is still the same modernity has allowed that the Serenade on the part of the girlfriend of a group of friends to the bride and groom from a friend to a friend, etc. Although it may seem corny a Serenade is a special detail that the person receiving it does not forget. Today there are at least two types of Serenade, the traditional which is Mexican style with Mariachis of gigantic hats and typical instruments and modern which are trios of formal attire to sing from pop music to the most romantic ballad. In your wedding believe me that it is quite spectacular and causes great excitement (not only the bride and groom but all present) see a trio enter a wedding reception and going directly to the couple and devoted love songs to the bride.