Frank Knauer

Semi-annual Conference of the CEHATROL partner companies opened new prospects Berlin, the 27.07.2012, at the semi-annual Conference of the CEHATROL trademark owner met the directors of the affiliated cooperatives and the managing directors of the partner companies at the 24.07.2012 in Berlin,. It became clear, that fuels the market readiness of BtL is reached and it be target in future has to advance the construction of plants for the production of synthetic fuel of 2.Generation CEHATROL, as BtL diesel, even faster. The main focus is placed on the nationwide expansion with site partners. To the trade mark proprietors make the Know-How establishing such facilities in a licensing system available so that everyone has the opportunity to make a work on the legs with low equity capital. From the selection of raw materials on the heel, to independent financing, everything is regulated. Licensee solves E.g. location (building site, preliminary inquiry of construction of), the regional problems, Supply of raw materials, takes over the site development, management and recruited staff.

The location partners decide whether CEHATROL diesel, CEHATROL oil or CEHATROL CHP fuel is to be produced. Thanks to the innovative implementation of the cooperative thought in the company of CEHATROL brand success is pre-programmed, explains Frank Knauer, CEO of CEHATROL technology EC and member of CEHATROL fuels EC. First contacts show that a site partnership is very lucrative, so further, thus we will create Knauer quickly a nationwide network.