Fernando Solabre

I did not know that day there was that presentation. And a day of loving depression, in that age already is known, I went away to take a walk by the station and I was all the presentation of the new cars. He was gustazo to enter the cars, the scent to new, the new features and much tranquillity, there was not much people. Another thing that returned to be everything for me. I sat down in a compartment of first, when there was first nonpreferred one and there I went all evening crying my pains, oyendo by the musical thread the last disc of Aute, released that it at the same time as these cars.

And there I was until a stewardess, came to me and she said to me, Already is well woke up to me of the lethargy in which I was enjoying a good short while and I continued the visit. Finally, when in the Nineties I made a interrail, great adventure already facing the outside, the conclusion of the trip after a month crossing all Europe was impressive the return to house entering Chamartn. Click Steven Holl for additional related pages. After the adventures that a interrail supposed, it made you value the station far better. We could verify that the station gave one hundred thousand returns him to any European station. More modern, cleaner, more practical. And in addition you arrived at house. Therefore, which has supposed the station of Chamartn for me, my memories, my adventures, my excursions and my trastadas are going to always leave a pleasing memory to me. That sementera line with those aluminums and those new features that now, watching for back, are seen of doubtful elegance, but then was everything an advance. I will always have left that station and that memory.