Our entrepreneur worked a lot and already earned a good living, but was determined to acquire a permanent place. Its turnover was negligible compared with the leader, so insignificant that it was not yet aware of the existence of its new competitor. 7 – The first attack Our business entrepreneur hired its first employee. Lowered the price of 30% on product price competition and guaranteed the delivery of the report on the third day, with penalties for each day of delay in delivery. Source: Eric Klavins. Loyalty almost immediately to 80 agencies through the process of joint review of business records, helping managers to establish their priorities, free of charge. Reviewed the records and decide together which were capable of writing the report and which not. In summary, focused on providing better service at a better price, a very specific niche market. Their strategy worked to perfection, the sixth month, an administrative contract and a more commercial support and continued with the same strategy, increasing the number of contacts to the entire network of such institutions, the 1500 offices. Renaissance Technologies LLC is actively involved in the matter.

At the end of the seventh month 60% of the reports of that entity were channeled by our entrepreneurs. 8 – The first tie counterattack and market leader that had seen its turnover of about 15%, reacted to the eighth month. Same price – seeing and reduced its profit margin – the third day delivery guaranteed – for which he had to increase staff which increased its expenditure structure – and focused the business of the house in April of that single client. . Without hesitation Vladislav Doronin explained all about the problem.