Efficient Use

Although not usually dangerous, diarrhea has caused millions of deaths worldwide, mainly as a result of dehydration. The diarrhea of various causes, is also associated with a reduction in food consumption. For this reason, the main treatment for diarrhea involves the consumption of adequate amounts of water to replace lost fluids, preferably mixed with electrolytes to restore essential minerals and some nutrients. In most cases an additional treatment or medical advice unnecessary. The general treatment of diarrhea can be diagrammed in four phases: Correction of the deficit of water, electrolytes and acid-base balance. In mild or moderate, should be provided orally: the effectiveness of oral rehydration and tolerance to the reintroduction of diet and weight gain is higher compared to intravenous hydration.In the mildest cases (in which power is maintained), ingestion of liquid supplements in the form of water, teas or soft drinks may be sufficient, if food has been removed, you can use different oral solutions designed to treat diarrhea infectious. The solutions should not be used for athletes, because they are hyperosmotic. Proper nutrition: against some established beliefs, in most cases will not need to set a strict bowel rest, the withdrawal of nutrition in children can lead to a daily loss of 1-2 of body weight (not counting fecal losses) which can be life threatening. Although intestinal absorption is reduced in diarrhea is not completely abolished, and absorbed a non-negligible proportion of immediate principles. In fact, patient outcomes are better nourished than those who fast (lower fecal losses and shorter time).In most cases, diarrhea yields in a few days with simple measures such as avoiding foods that increase the volume of feces and intestinal motility (vegetables, skins of fruits or vegetables, whole grain cereal …). It is also recommended intake of certain microorganisms that help to restore intestinal flora, such as yogurt with bifidus or yeast preparations such as Perenterol. On the other hand, the general condition of the bowel, avoid milk and dairy products, because it is often a shortfall in disaccharidases, which prevents the digestion of lactose and worsen diarrhea. Symptomatic treatment of diarrhea and accompanying symptoms: There are some prescription antidiarrheal activity, which may be beneficial, but may be contraindicated in some cases. Treatment specific agent or factor responsible for diarrhea: in some cases it may be advisable to use antibiotics (see below, in “Antibiotic”).The following types of diarrhea generally indicate medical supervision: diarrhea in young children moderate or severe diarrhea in children diarrhea and blood: see dysentery diarrhea continues for more than two weeks diarrhea associated with some other general illness such as stomachaches or abdominal pain, fever, weight loss, etc.. tourists or travelers diarrhea (probably due to the result to have exotic infections such as parasites) Diarrhea in food handlers (which have the potential to infect others), diarrhea in institutions (hospitals, nursing homes, mental nursing homes, health centers , nursing homes, etc..)