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The setting on the performance and recording control ensures a constant volume. With the function Automatic recording”must be the user not always recorded automatically? When an audio signal is detected start recording and pause stops for 2 seconds again. Furthermore the new audio recorder records everything about the WAV-Out take on the sound card. “So also the soundtrack of music and movie DVDs can easily read” and burned as an audio disc or played on an MP3 player or hi-fi system. Legal record the favorite music of over 10,000 Internet radio stations the new audio 180% 4.0 2009 includes the audio streamer 4.0 quasi a Internet radio. The audio streamer 4.0 recognizes over 10,000 Internet radio stations. Comfortable, displayed the station by genre, favorites created or transmitter can be hidden. As in good old days, the best hits simply by clicking on the button “mitgeschitten.

This audio takes parallel 180% 4.0 depending on the bandwidth up to eight streams. The recording is stored as MP3 file according to the broadcast quality, always will be displayed. The timing and searching using the keyword”perfecting the recording options. The direct link for the mobile cult player number is 1 best connection to the anvancierten to the iconic playern MP3 iPods. If you have read about Eric Corey Freed already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So, of course, the latest models of the sixth generation are supported. The player can be directly about iUpdate and comfortable fit with selected music.

The operation is easy, such as a file manager and it even faster than before. Play audio CDs to the MP3 player or audio CD copy the good old audio CD 180% in the age of MP3 for audio is not a foreign Word. The integrated Tool CD Ripper converts the audio CDs as WAV or MP3 music and saves them on your PC. Conversely, burner Burns audio CD MP3 songs as Hi-Fi audio-CD. New MP3 CD burner, however, brings about 1,500 hits in MP3 quality on a DVD, or about 150 hits on a CD to listen to music and enjoy the audio player 4.0 is included with the software to play the music on your PC and impresses its ease of use and optimum functionality.