Musical Expectancy

Such consequences disclose in cerebral structures calls of hard-wired, i.e., that already they are presented structurally configured since the birth and they do not get excited throughout the ontogentico development. Being thus, it fits to ask where sensible or where extension such emotional reactions they are effectively musical. Despite composers can benefit themselves of these reactions, mainly when they compose for great orchestra and instruments capable to produce sounds of great intensity and with sudden variations of dynamics, them little have of musical comedies. The emotional states that result do not present correlation with the musical structure, and could be equally induced for sonorous events not-musical comedies, as the sound of an car stroke, for example. We understand that said emotions musical must be correlated in stronger way to the musical structures, i.e., organized sonorous structures inside of a musical syntax. The part of the quarrel on the mechanism of Consequence of the Cerebral Trunk, what in them it seems, when collating the proposals of Juslin and Vstfjll with the ones of Damsio, is that it has imperfections in considering such mechanisms in perspectives ontogentica.

Although the authors to consider some neuronais mechanisms that base, the times of form not yet confirmed by neurology, the induction of Theater of the emotion and for extension of the conscience. If to evaluate the mechanisms considered for Juslin and Vstfjll (Evaluative conditioning, Emotional contagion, Episodic Memory, Appearance Imagery and Musical Expectancy), we can affirm that all depend on the performance of the memory for its characterization. The authors create a gradation of mechanisms that are less dependents of the culture for that they are more dependents. We could, instead of only delegating to the culture the explanation of the variations of these mechanisms, considering to visualize such mechanisms relating them with the three characterizations of Self proposals for Damsio. In a first level, that is, in level of the Proto-Self, that includes the mechanism of handle-corporal or> marker-somatic, they would be the emotions that Juslin and Vstfjll call as Reflected of the Cerebral Trunk, however as already we affirm above, such emotions musical and yes are not related with basic questions of survival.