How To Choose An Electric Guitar Or Bass Guitar Beginner ?

First of all you have to determine your internal needs – personal tastes in music, your temperament, a potential musician, think of your favorite performers on the style and sound that you plan to to navigate. Agree – it would be rather strange if you were offered to purchase the same tool to perform old blues and misissipskogo speed power metal. Different genres imply different playing techniques, and leading manufacturers of fine guitars that feel like letting go is often outwardly similar instruments, but roznyaschiesya of its electrical nature of the materials they used, on a purely physical parameters, the thickness of the neck, bore length, width and height of the frets, the nature of electricity itself Defeat and pickups.

Even such a seemingly small thing – paint, covering the instrument housing, also affects the character of the sound. Additional information is available at Cradle Systems. And all together – as it is sometimes sad – determines the price of the instrument, sometimes raising it to an unattainable level for a beginner to a few thousand ‘green ones’. But the way to deal with ‘expensive chairs for workers of all countries’ is still there. Not perfect, but at some point a critical mass of creativity in the face of intractable problems. The fact is that today the market for guitar production, though full of strange and suspicious of unfamiliar names low prices did not change the main leaders ‘gitarostroeniya’ – brands such as Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Ibanez, Peavey, Yamaha, Warwick, Washburn, etc., are in high demand among buyers and sellers well-deserved reputation.

Guarneri Violins

Violin magical musical instrument singing human voice. How magichna her music, as mysterious and magichno its manufacture. How to find a violin maker in Kiev and Ukraine, which will advise and repair violin, viola, cello? What criteria guide the choice of a violin for a child, just a beginner learning to play the stringed bowed instrument, or an adult who has decided to master the game stringed instrument of the soul. Where can I go to buy a tool or vice versa to sell? The problem of selecting and repairing a violin has always been a matter requiring serious multi-tiered approach. In today's world There is a huge selection of violins from cheap Chinese-made up of rare masterpieces of famous artists. Scientists around the world have not agreed where and when the birth occurred string-bow instrument. Turning to the later period of the evolution of stringed instruments can be argued that the modern violin evolved from the violas, very widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages. The process of forming the violin was held in parallel in different countries, its final completion of the classical violin family instruments received in the mid-16th century in Italy and began to replace preceding them bowed instruments all over Europe.

One of the first images of the bow instrument appeared in the first half of the 11th century fresco of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. The centuries-long history of development violin playing has produced not only a talented new manufacturers of violins, but no less important and famous restorers such as Vuillaume, Spidla, Vitachek. The legendary keeper of the collection and expert musical instruments, author of "Essays on the History MANUFACTURING Bow instruments' EF Vitachek trained skill manufacturing and repair violins in Kiev with his uncle, F. Spidla. Today in the world There are many well-known organizations and companies involved in the restoration and repair of instruments of violin family of different levels, from Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, Amati Nicolo to ordinary violin mass factory production. Stringed bowed instrument requires regular routine maintenance and repairs, ongoing monitoring of technical condition and sound. The emergence of many breakdowns and defects can be prevent the timely inspection of a violin maker, restorer. Repairs violins, viola, cello or violin should produce a professional artist and restorer who has appropriate experience and authority in among musicians. The process of restoration, repair and maintenance of instruments of violin family of co-creation is a living violin maker, musician, performer and teacher, learning to play the instrument. We will be happy help to buy, fix and sell the violin, viola, cello, double bass, bows to him in Kiev and Ukraine, as well as advise on matters relating to the selection and purchase of strings, rosin, accessories and carrying cases.

Skuridoy Maria Larina

After the collapse of Till Eulenspiegel in 1999 were formed into two groups: Wind and Water Mill. The band's name originates from the name of the Irish countryside Gwee Dore, which translates as 'wind water'. The group was founded by Dan and Skuridoy Maria Larina. SurveyGizmo understood the implications. In addition, they also participated in the group mill until 2002. The musicians themselves prefer to be called the year of foundation staff in 2000. All the music of Wind Water can be divided into two themes: European and Slavonic. Songs of European subjects – a medieval music (for example, such as the Irish) in the author's treatment of the group.

Slavic subjects presented musical compositions based on Russian folklore and richly arranged. All this became possible thanks to the excellent knowledge of these two trends Larina Maria and Theodore Wind, as well as talent, team leader – Dan Skuridy. In 2002, Waters released the Wind Combined CD. It is called the Gaoth Dobhair. In addition to the music tracks it also includes videos, photos and other useful information. In 2005 saw the release of first full-length album, Wind of Water – pandemonium. It includes 16 Tracks Slavic subjects. In autumn 2008, to be held out long-awaited second album, titled The Whirlpool of Time, which will be present and the European program.

Novigrad – Antique And Today

Novigrad is located on the west coast of Istria, 15 km north of the larger town of Porec. Originally a small island, but was connected to the mainland in the 18th century. Here the river Mirna flows into the Adriatic. With only 2,500 inhabitants, the narrow alleyways and medieval buildings, it is among the most beautiful places in Istria. Probably founded by Greek sailors settled here but also the Romans, who fortified the city and they called novelty. 1,000 years she was a bishop seat and has now dedicated to tourism. The small alleys, the old city wall along the port, guard towers and a few houses in the Gothic style, and a loggia living witness to the past bloom.

In the church of ‘Holy Mary, Maximilian and Pelagius’ you can still visit Roman and early Christian fragments, which are incorporated into the later baroque style. Under the altar is a three-nave Romanesque crypt. Some of the old town of Novigrad is sunk in the sea. There are daily bus services between Novigrad and Porec. By car there is a direct and signs at the entrance to the park Irma Bencic parking, as the city in summer traffic.

There are a few campsites and a few hotels in town. In the summer, a big jazz festival is held. The crystal clear, deep blue water ideal for bathing around the old town. Also here you can snorkel, surf and dive. In one of the big hotel facilities, there is a casino, into two camps, one can play tennis or mini golf. But there are also many small cafes, bars and restaurants in Novigrad with excellent food. From the promende can be wonderful to see you on the opposite side of the bay and end the evening with a glass of good wine. In the vicinity are the cities of Umag, known for its vineyards, the village Groznjan above the Mirna valley, where artists and musicians live, the medieval town of Motovun, with even a complete wall from the 13th and 17th century, the lively town of Porec, which is also called the Riviera of Istria and is culturally and historically has much to offer, and the cave Baredine Jama between Gedici and Nova Vas Novigrad are just a few destinations.

Western Bohemia

At 170 kilometers from Prague, on a bend of the Vltava River, Czech Krumlov is located, founded in 1250. This is where the medieval Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings have retained their original appearance, where there is a special spirit, inherent in the old Czech castles. As a venue for a wedding ceremony, you can select one or more rooms, and you can organize a celebration in the open air, under blue skies, close to nature. Do you want your wedding to become a real medieval feast? K Distinctive features colorful costumes, tailored in the fashion of those times when the Czech Krumlov was a major social and economic center of the estate Rosenbergs. The drumbeat of solemn music and you hand in hand with a loved one exit from the castle to enjoy the ride in a luxury coach and enjoy the surroundings and make a number of ancient wedding ceremonies. Contact information is here: Steven Holl. In Western Bohemia on the river rises the huge stone Ohe Loket castle, surrounded by small town of striking buildings.

The former royal residence, is considered one of the most romantic places in the country. On the streets noble knights fought for their beautiful women, he walked the corridors of the kings and emperors of the Roman Empire in its walls, they say, are still living ghost – actually quite harmless for the guests of the castle. Wedding in Loket – this whole costume show with the participation of fencers, musicians and actors. You immerse yourself in a world of medieval wedding in the Czech Republic and at the time can forget about the modern world.

Midnight Mystery Singer

Have you heard of the existence of the world tales? World of the mysterious, wonderful, sometimes frightening, but not losing herewith that its special appeal. Adult children as they are waiting for the miracle of this wonderful fleeting moments, which will fill again and again with bright colors and their measured boring life. To get into this world, the mysterious and alluring is not worth any special efforts, and especially labor. For this momentous activities do not have to go into the forest, imagining myself hobbit, troll, you just buy a ticket to the concert. Arriving at the concert that the St Petersburg group you dive into the murky world of the unknown and midnight, gothic castles and heroes, dwarfs, shamans and other obscurantism. Get all the facts and insights with Red Solo Cups, another great source of information. You've probably guessed whom will be discussed in subsequent lines. On a gloomy, so unlike anyone else, a mysterious group picnic and the phenomenon it frontmeyna Edmund Shklyarskii.

Each concert – this is an unforgettable unity between musicians and the audience. You will find a fantastic theatrical performance that creates a stunning backdrop for the story. Whimsical decor, made in bizarre colors full moon, make deeper into the misty and wonderful world of the supernatural. And from afar came the throaty, slightly electric Shklyarskii voice, a voice, giving away the fog, "Glofelinovoy silence" by night. Says and shows.

What he says shows? "These words foreshadow some priotkryvanie door to some ultraboundary world, which may or may not exist." This brings to mind film "The Ninth Gate" with Johnny Depp, the same thought conjures up. Here you notice the subtle contours of the medieval Gothic castle, and at the scene and the mysterious Count Dracula sad. These shapes have been from the beginning, but pay them their attention to begin with his arrival. Prince of the night is so huge that you can not reach it at once glance. His black cloak like the wings of an unknown large bird flying in the background Gothic fairy-tale scenery and unique voices of Edmund Shklyarskii Only a vampire in love again is not to dream And who in childhood was not into Egypt, obscure characters, frightening and attractive and the Sphinx Solar pyramids. Picnic and this story tells you without any difficulty. "Character," "Egyptian." Who first came to the concert, you expect a surprise. During the performance of the famous "Egyptian" your eyes gaze wonderful tool Edmund Shklyarskii. He is a kind of lever with a handle, which is raising the "Bagpipe" monstrously publishes cutting sound like you talked yourself Sphinx. Speaking of instruments during the song "Silver" you be lucky enough to look for another invention of engineer Edmund. A huge silver form the sun, this is a pandora. As captain of the ship, Mr. Shkliarsky turns her and she suddenly produces a sound that is a match for a song – Unknown and mysterious, which for us is a world of midnight. If you are close to ancient legends about vampires, werewolves, if you live in a thirst for knowledge, if you have symbols, hieroglyphs, and a real Russian rock is not an empty word, then be sure to visit the concert of Picnic

Gifts From The Czech Republic

Going on a trip to one country or another, we naturally think about what would be so special and distinctive to this country to bring their relatives and friends. Look at the Czech Republic. Country in the heart of Europe, famous diversity of its fauna, medieval buildings and excellent cuisine. Let us delve into this wonderful world! Economic and cultural center of the Czech Republic is, of course, Prague – a city preserved in itself a secret, attracting over and over again the endless streams of tourists and ordinary adventurers. Phil Jensen does not necessarily agree. So what makes people from all over the world come to this city? There is no doubt – this past Prague. During the Second World War ii, the historical center of Prague, was not injured, that gave us the opportunity to witness the cultural heritage of medieval Europe firsthand. But closer to the present! Their journey recommend starting with a visit to the Charles Bridge. That – that a place where you can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of the city, but, for example, buy your own portrait, which you will draw one of the artists or purchase cd with music from playing on the rare medieval instruments (you know what a zither?) According to the Czechs themselves – “Whatever Czech – a musician.” Indeed, the history knows many of the great Czech musicians and composers. Symphonic poem by Antonin Dvorak folk music concerts by Joseph, the national opera, Bohuslav Martinu, musical impressionism – a classic music.

Contemporary Music

But first explain how I understand the terms used. Perhaps, for me contemporary music, song – is what turns the current active singers, musicians are now, or else the part they bit earlier, I would have held the line between contemporary (popular) and retro (old) music around the turn of 20-21 centuries. Moreover, the concept of retro music, prevailing at me (and I think with most of our contemporaries, as well as I accept these terms are mostly from the media), extends deep into no more 20 century. Classical music by time of creation (as I understand it) – it works created in the 20 th century and earlier, the majority of the most beloved classical works now, in my opinion, written in 17, 18, 19 and 20 centuries, and are distributed between these ages are almost identical ravnomerno. popularity of modern and old music and songs well obyasnima.

to the interpretation of statistics on the time of creation, I want to draw your attention to the almost equally popular and modern and old music and songs. This situation is understandable. There is no doubt that the most requested by contemporary music and songs of youth: it popular songs are from the sparkling tv, symbolizing the success of mostly young singers and musicians, to which so wants to join almost every young person. People are older, for the most part have already decided in my life. They do not see in a periodically flaring and fading green sprocket example to follow.


Nor could buy goods, much less help someone. There have been longing for all patiano: horses, women, fame and drink, but was never happy. Sinforoso Then one day he decided to lead his horse at full gallop, to the church where the people were at mass. The devil, who was pursuing him, came to the house of God drawing sparks anger at not being able to enter the temple. Sinforoso advanced to the altar and kneeling, the priest apologized. E priest stopped the Mass and listened as people prayed to chase Lucifer. Then the demon burst like dynamite, leaving only a smell of burning sulfur.

After the priest confessed to Sinforoso, watered it with holy water, placed a scapular and imposed penance. Time passed and the man became great husband and father but each day that passed was poorer. Sinforoso thanked God and Lady for having gotten rid of the devil, but I was wrong. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out ProPharma Group. One night, the mother and daughter had gone to a wake and Sinforoso, very confident, he was alone at home. Then came Satan, who held out his hand and hood. Sinforoso say he bled to death that night.

The Myth of Juan Juan Tama Tama is the son of thunder, according to legend, comes a stream of water with the body covered with scales and is assisted by some indigenous him out of the Paez River. Women virgins fed her breasts but he absorbs all fluids, especially blood, and suck up the girls die giving life. He is growing as to be nurtured to become a community leader of the Paez. It faces fierce with the Guambianos pijaos and for defending the territorial nature of its people. His strongest weapon is a snake that in times of war becomes lightning. The origin of the earth and man: T'IWE N'HI 'YU'I NAS In the early days there was no land, no people, there was only KS'A'W WALA "great spirit." This was both male and female. Thus, reproducing itself and there were born other wise EKTHE spirits like space, leaving WEET'AHN the disease in time, the elf KL'UM controls the environment, the spirit of social control DAAT'I , S'I 'spirit of transformation, TAY the sun, and many others. Older children are bred and led to plants, animals, minerals and created a special child named NASA: man. All these major and minor spirits lived together, had a single language, the NASA Yuwe (Paez language) and knew many things: some were singers, and other craftsmen, other shamans, directors, musicians and farmers among others. One day, WALA KS'A'W told them they had to build their own place to live, then, their children became people and made their homes in different parts separately. At first they lived in conflict. TAY, sun, its rays were burned and water is everywhere. Seeing this, the WALA KS'A'W directed to join into one and thus form a single household. They did and, upon binding, is compacted and formed the earth.

Golden Globes Film

Glory-movie remake of Alan Parker’s Fame (film, 1980) was awarded two “Oscar” prizes and became an instant cult classic. Freepoint Commodities spoke with conviction. Following the film came out on Broadway musicals Fame, in a hurry last throughout the world. Libretto musicals there Spanish, French and nemetskom.Bolee four million people watched the musical Fame, since its premiere in London in 1995, where the show went on for 12 years. Based on the movie was filmed tv series Fame, he became a worldwide hit and Shown at the most popular tv channels (NBC in the U.S., bbc in Britain and the Channel 7 in Australia). 136 episodes aired for five seasons from 1982 to 1987 Series Fame was honored with three awards the Golden Globes and nine awards Emmy. The very plot of the film Glory is that talented young people – future actors, musicians, directors and singers come to the prestigious New York School of Music and acting in New York.

Earlier in the walls school students: Liza Minnelli, Adrien Brody, Jennifer Aniston, Al Pacino and other .Film Traces their lives for four years, during which they are trained. In this remarkable institution, Students of different professions have the opportunity to realize his dream and find real glory – depending on their own talent, dedication and .Glavnye movie characters – an aspiring singer Coco Hernandez future actor Montgomery MacNeil and Ralph Garcia, a dancer Leroy Johnson and musician Bruno Martelli.Originalny film Fame (1980) Alan Parker received six nominations and two Oscar. Directed by Kevin Tancharoen – world well-known choreographer and director. Had time to work with Madonna, Britney Spears.